Glenn Beck Claims Calling African Americans Colored Is Not A Bad Thing

Aug 30 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

On his radio show today, Glenn Beck claimed that calling African Americans colored is not a bad thing, because places like South Africa use the term colored.

Here is the audio from Media Matters:

Beck said, “You have to not care about political correctness anymore. Pat, correct me if I am wrong. Didn’t you feel ridiculously stupid everywhere in Africa, in Europe, in South America, in Jerusalem when you would say the words African American? Pat replied, “Oh yeah, because it doesn’t apply there.” Beck continued, “It doesn’t apply. Now how can people be one thing in one country and nowhere else in the world?”

After discussing what they should call people of color, Beck continued, “It’s black. In South Africa, it’s black and colored, and I don’t remember the difference, but there is a difference….I don’t remember which one’s which, but like Indian I think even came in. Maybe it was colored that was also like Indian or elsewhere, and blacks. Pat chimed in with, “But we have been taught here that colored is really a bad thing to say, cause what color are they? Well ok, you got us to stop saying that but in other parts of the world they still do. Beck said, “And it’s not a bad thing, only here. Why are we made to feel bad? Notice this? African American was not made to do anything except try to create a superman. Don’t you dare feel bad about yourself, you’re African American.”

Beck continued, “No, you’re an American. Instead of building the country up. Look what happened with Martin Luther King that makes you an American. Judge not by the color of your skin, and you weren’t over in Africa. You great grandfather was. Your great great grandfather may have been, but you weren’t, and sure this country sucked for blacks, sucked beyond sucked for a long time, but it doesn’t now. It doesn’t now. Be proud to be an American.” Beck and crew were insulted by the term African American, and said that “they” were using terms like African American and handi-capable to make them (white people) afraid, and called on his audience to dismiss these “human rights frauds.”

Yeah, look what happened to Martin Luther King. He dared to stand up and speak out for justice and rights and he was assassinated. No Glenn, the term colored is not okay. It has nothing to do with political correctness. The term colored is a direct throwback to segregation and the Jim Crow era. That is the reason why the term colored is not viewed as the proper way to address an African American.

Using Beck’s logic, Italian-Americans, Jewish-Americans, and Polish-Americans can’t pay tribute to their heritage either. What is wrong with those Italian Americans? We’re all just Americans. Stop trying to divide us.

African Americans should take comfort in knowing that according to rich white guy Glenn Beck, America no longer sucks for them. I guess since African-Americans aren’t slaves anymore, and they eat in the same restaurants as white people everything is honkey dory. Forget the fact that African American unemployment is at 15.9%. Pay no mind to the fact that the median household wealth for white families is 20 times higher than African American families. Who cares that African Americans are twice as likely to be foreclosed on. Ignore the fact that for many African American communities graduation rates are still too low, and incarceration rates are too high.

Black America, you are living in paradise.

All that Glenn Beck asks in return for this bountiful life is that you answer when he calls you colored. Oh and he probably wouldn’t mind if you sat in the back of the bus, and what’s the occasional nigger joke going to hurt?

After all, we’re all Americans. Right, Glenn?

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