90% of Republicans Say They Won’t Support Sarah Palin

Aug 29 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

As Sarah Palin gets set to head to Iowa this weekend, and new CNN poll released today found that only 10% of Republicans would support a Sarah Palin 2012 candidacy.

The CNN poll revealed that Rick Perry now has all of the Republican momentum. He now has a 14 point lead over Mitt Romney (32%-18%). Michele Bachmann has settled in at 12% support, and the rest of the declared field is mired in single digits.

The dynamics of the race didn’t change when Sarah Palin and Rudy Giuliani were added to the mix. With Palin in the race, Perry still led Romney by a nearly 2 to 1 margin (27%-14%). Sarah Palin would replace Bachmann in third at 10%, and the Minnesota congresswoman would fall to fourth at 9%. Third place sounds like an okay debut for Palin, but she has lost 3% of Republican support in a bit more than a month, while at the same time, Rick Perry has gained 13 points.

The most interesting element of the CNN poll is that it provides some insight into who Sarah Palin’s supporters are. Sarah Palin is third with Republican women at 13%. She is ahead of Bachmann by 3, but trails Rick Perry by 10 and Mitt Romney by 2. Palin only gets 8% support with men, and 10% support with whites. Palin attracted 14% of the support of people age 50-64, but she still trailed Rick Perry by 20 points with her age group. Oddly, Sarah Palin only attracted 2% of Republican seniors, while Rick Perry attracted 26% and Mitt Romney got 20%.

Sarah Palin got 14% of the support of those Republicans who make under $50,000, and 10% of the support of those who make over $50,000. Palin’s was supported by 16% of those who didn’t attend college. She trailed Perry by six points with non-college grads. Palin only drew 8% of the support of conservatives, and trailed Rick Perry by 18 points (31%-13%) in her best region, the South.

Sarah Palin doesn’t lead any of the Republican field with any demographic or region. The only thing that Sarah Palin would accomplish if she entered the race would be to weaken Michele Bachmann. These are the facts, yet no one should be surprised if the cable news networks (I’m looking at you CNN) fire up the hype machine and start playing the will she or won’t she game. It will be Labor Day weekend, and the cable news networks will need something to fill up the 24/7 news cycle with. It won’t matter to them if the story of a potential Sarah Palin candidacy is completely preposterous. They’ll run with it anyway.

67% of voters already said that they would never vote for Sarah Palin, and now 90% of Republicans aren’t going to support her. Sarah Palin’s Iowa teabagapoolza can’t change the fact that 90% of Republicans will never go along with the idea of a President Palin.

Republicans may love Rick Perry, and they just aren’t that into Sarah Palin.

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