Disappointed That Irene Wasn’t Katrina, The Right Slips Back Into Obama Derangement

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The disappointment that Hurricane Irene wasn’t disaster of Katrinaesque proportions which they can blame Obama for is palpable in right wing circles today.

The right had been hoping beyond hope that Hurricane Irene would come through for them, and that they would finally have a natural disaster that they could label Obama’s Katrina. They thought the BP oil spill was it, but Obama was competent and let them down. The right wakes up Monday morning to hurricane that let them down, and a president that was on top of the situation.

What’s a semi-lucid Obama hater to do?

If the facts don’t justify an attack on Obama, make up some new ones that do.

Hence, we have today’s right wing talking point. Obama is going to use Irene as an excuse for the economy. The excuse talking point began taking root before Irene even hit.

Here is Stuart Varney on Fox Business on WEDNESDAY claiming that Obama will use the hurricane as an excuse to spend:

Varney said, “The President wants to spend government money to stimulate the economy. This would be an excuse. I hate to call it an excuse, but that’s what it amounts to.”

Today on Fox and Friends Steve Doocy claimed that Obama is going to use the hurricane as an excuse:

Here’s Varney again saying that the storm is going to slow the economy down a bit. Steve Doocy replied with, “That means the president will be using it as an excuse.”

Here is Rush Limbaugh today using the excuse talking point:

Limbaugh said, “I’ll guarantee you Obama was hoping this was going to be a disaster as another excuse for his failing economy. If he’s out there blaming tsunamis, if he’s blaming earthquakes and whatever other national, natural disaster there are. I mean this one. I mean this one made to order, but this one didn’t measure up.”

What Rush Limbaugh really meant: I am disappointed today that Irene wasn’t a huge disaster that I could use to bash Obama with. I had my script all written up, but that stupid storm let me down. Lucky for me, the talking point that Obama is turning Irene into an excuse for the economy is already out there, so I’ll just run with that.

The poor right got their hopes for epic death and destruction on Obama’s watch, and as Limbaugh said, Irene just didn’t measure up. There are no statements from Obama blaming Irene for the economy but this has not stopped the most deranged of the Obama haters from assuming that there will be. The right wing media hates this president so much that they were hoping that he would fail their country in a time of disaster. They were rooting against the President of the United States. They were dreaming that a massive storm would hit, and Obama would bungle the whole thing, just like George W. Bush did.

The word excuse has become a right wing talking point to try to drive home the message that Obama is weak president who relies on excuses because he can’t get things done. It is part of the political strategy to paint this president as a weak Democrat. Republicans obstruct and hostage take, then when nothing gets done they attack Obama as a weak president who can’t get results.

The Obamaly deranged were praying to their evangelical whites only Jesus that in the face of crisis Obama would fail, and when he didn’t, their hatred for the man and his presidency grew exponentially. It is that hatred that fuels the creation of myths like Obama is going to blame Irene for the economy.

It is the same hatred that has caused these former self labeled patriots to despise their own country to such a degree that they plot and act to ensure its failure. If you see an ODS (Obama Derangement Sufferer) today, (You’ll be able to spot them quickly by the depressed look on their face), give them a hug, and tell them not to despair, because they will have a whole second Obama term to keep rooting against this president and their own country.

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