Romney, Perry, and Bachmann Declare That All Men (And Women) Aren’t Created Equal

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It is important to know that prospective presidential candidates have taken a stand on issues that are crucial to the well-being of the American people and the continued security and prosperity of the nation. National defense, economic stability, prosperity for all citizens, and public safety are all imperative to ensuring that America can escape the second-rate status Republicans are bent on preserving. Each of the potential Republican candidates for the presidency have thus far demonstrated that they will go farther in dooming America to a painful demise than the Bush-Republican era and that includes transforming America into a theocracy to satisfy Dominionists. On Friday, Rick Perry joined Michele Bachmann and Willard Romney in signaling their intent of taking a stand on an issue of national shame that is meaningless and does absolutely nothing to help this country or its citizens.

Perry signed the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) anti-gay pledge that furthers discrimination against gay people who want to marry the person they love. It is no shock to anyone that Perry, a devout Dominionist, signed the pledge that forces ancient Jewish laws on every person in America, or that he feels it is important to deny gays the same rights as heterosexual Americans. The anti-gay NOM pledge, although disgusting on its face, contains language that portends disastrous consequences for America should one of the Republicans ever reach the White House as more than a visiting bigot.

The NOM pledge is a five-point outline for discrimination and oppression that, if carried out, will begin America’s march toward theocracy and along the way will cost American taxpayers their freedom as well as their tax dollars. There is nothing in the pledge that will help the economy, create jobs, provide for national defense, or help Americans feel secure now and in the future. What the pledge does ensure is that a Republican president will preside over a 21st Century Christian Inquisition and Crusade that harkens back to the Salem witch-trials.

The NOM pledge is made to the American people and first on the list is a promise to “support sending a federal constitutional amendment defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman to the states for ratification.” The NOM definition of marriage is a reworded scriptural reference (Genesis 2:24) that god used to join mythical Adam and Eve together. The problem with the NOM definition is that it has no business being in the Constitution as an amendment because the bible is not the Constitution regardless what NOM or Dominionists say. There is also the problem with Perry and Bachmann who champion state’s rights and yet promote a theocratic edict at the federal level that shows the level of hypocrisy Republicans are famous for. If a Republican president or Congress did send a constitutional amendment to the states that was from the bible, it would violate the 1st Amendment, but once the Dominionists begin replacing the Constitution with the Christian bible, it will be irrelevant.

The second part of the pledge says that a Republican president will, “Nominate to the U.S. Supreme Court and federal bench judges who are committed to restraint and to applying the original meaning of the Constitution, appoint an attorney general similarly committed, and thus reject the idea our Founding Fathers inserted a right to gay marriage into our Constitution.” Perhaps the fine bigots at NOM do not realize it, but there is no right to gay or heterosexual marriage in the Constitution, but there is the 14th Amendment that guarantees equal rights to all citizens. Whether or not they realize it, when Romney, Bachmann, and Perry signed NOM’s pledge, they signed on to dismantle the Constitution the Founding Fathers devised as well as two-hundred years’ worth of amendments.

The third part of the pledge is not new and says, “Defend the federal Defense of Marriage Act vigorously in court.” As frightening and outrageous as the first three parts of the pledge are, it is the fourth that should frighten the life out of every American. It says, “Establish a presidential commission on religious liberty to investigate and document reports of Americans who have been harassed or threatened for exercising key civil rights to organize, to speak, to donate or to vote for marriage and to propose new protections.” It has long been a practice of religious zealots, and now Dominionists, to claim that people who do not agree with the bible’s edicts are harassing Christians and the pledge makes it part of the law.

The claim from same-sex marriage opponents is that allowing gays to marry is an attack on traditional marriage. There are no threats or attacks on traditional marriage or its advocates, and yet the scare tactic gained traction with California’s Proposition 8. During the campaign to ban same-sex marriage, hourly television ads from Mormons and Catholics claimed gay marriage threatened traditional marriage. In California, many residents with yard signs urging a no vote on Prop 8 were accosted by religious bigots for waging war on traditional Christian marriage. Every December conservatives resurrect the notion that there is a war on Christmas because Jews and Atheists do not celebrate the Santa holiday. Now, if Willard, Richard, or Michele is elected president, there will a war on gays and the people who support their right to marry the person they love.

The NOM pledge is more than just an attack on gays; it is a first step towards an attack on the Constitution and non-Christians who reject replacing it with the Christian bible. The Dominionists’ war on secularism has been in the works for decades and the fear of same-sex marriage is an opportunity to dismantle the Founding Fathers’ original intent that “all men are created equal.” The pledge’s demand that a Republican president establish a commission on religious liberty is the start of an Inquisition, and for the first time it is in writing in the NOM pledge. The only threats or harassment have been from Christian fundamentalists who have harassed, beat, and murdered gays for existing. If Americans elect Romney, Perry or Bachmann as president, they can count on an all-out attack on liberty and freedom the Founders promised for all Americans. Besides the impending McCarthy-esque Inquisition, American taxpayers will be forced to pay for a constitutional amendment process and a commission of religious bigots to investigate and track down freedom-loving Americans who disagree that only heterosexual couples have the right to marry.

The upcoming presidential election is shaping up to be a referendum on whether or not Americans choose to remain a representative democracy or a Christian theocracy. Americans should beware though, because throughout history and up to today, when religious fanatics take over a government, bad things happen and Christians are historically the most ruthless, bloodthirsty fanatics of all. Dominionists are a serious threat to our country, but now the threat is expressed in black-and-white in the National Organization for Marriage pledge for Republican presidential candidates, and once they are established in every level of government, same-sex marriage will be the least of the problem. Americans better be prepared for an Inquisition that will make the Salem witch trials and Taliban-ruled Afghanistan look like a Sunday picnic, and any American who doesn’t believe it should read the NOM pledge that Willard Romney, Michele Bachmann, and now James Rickie Perry have signed; and be afraid.

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