Media Bias Helps Tea Party Fav Christine O’Donnell Cover Up Book Tour Bomb

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Pouting Christine O'Donnell

It’s Over: Tea Party Favorite Christine O’Donnell Gets Crowd of Five for Book

Tea Party darling Christine O’Donnell’s book signing in Republican Naples, Florida drew a total of five people. Five. Five people. That’s it. Just like a Sarah Palin event, the media outnumbered the actual attendees.

The next day she headed over to a yacht club (keepin’ it real!) in Fort Lauderdale at the invite of the Broward Republicans (apparently she’s still a secret crush within the GOP). According to the Broward Palm Beach blog, after that book signing she headed over to Fox News to ask Republicans to pray for her.

I don’t know why she felt like she had to ask, seeing as according to Republicans God runs Fox, but perhaps she’s feeling desperate. The polls are horrible for the Tea Party. No one shows up at their rallies. They’re in debt for a canceled Vegas conference. This little foray into rebranding the failure of the W GOP is over — And yet our media gave O’Donnell tons of coverage. She even got an interview on Piers Morgan (that she walked off of).

It’s time for the Lame Stream Media to quit their Tea Party addiction. I know they’re jonesing for the costumes, the misspelled signs, the inevitable easy drama of white rage meeting Medicare recipients who think they’re Libertarians, the yellow flags, the big guns, the pseudo patriotism – it’s all so made-for-TV/insta-hit high.

But it’s over.

It never really was, until they made it something. But now, no matter how they try to revive the Fox made fake grassroots rebranding of the same old same old far right fringe of the Republican Party post Bush debacle, it’s really over.

According to polls, Americans dislike Tea Partiers more than atheists, more than Muslims, more than any other political group. We note that both atheists and Muslims are in fact demonized by Fox News/Tea Party. Rachel Maddow noted several days ago, “It just doesn’t seem like the Tea Party phenomenon that drove all of last year’s politics is driving them now, at least on the state level.” I’m sure even the terrified eyeball counters at the cable networks can figure out what I’m putting together for them….Pssst — you are catering to a teeny tiny audience who have already been Kool-Aided by Murdoch. They are not open to new sources of media. And that audience is not trusted and in fact disliked by the majority of Americans. See how the base is narrowing?

The Lame Stream Media can’t seem to figure out that when they copy Fox News, they fail. Fox News is manufacturing movements and news for an agenda that most Americans do not like. And while I get the CNN et al conundrum, since hate, fear, blood and violence sell, they might consider covering something most Americans actually give a hoot about.

Like……………labor protests.

Yeah. See, most Americans work for a living; therefor the base for covering workers is automatically bigger. I’m sure if they think about it, they can find a way to make labor fun, sexy, dramatic, and hit-getting.

If they have to, they could hire some hot girls to wear Solidarity T-Shirts and march around waving the American flag. They could have steel workers tap dancing in the background and a tractor pull where the winner gets 100k. What a show! See? That wasn’t so hard.

Or, they can keep beating the dead horse of the Tea Party (CNN, I’m talking to you), which I’m sure their bosses see as Pirates of the Caribbean II, but in reality, it is more like Gigli II, since no one liked the original. Talk about out of touch.

Hop on the bus, American media! The show is right here, in the heartland of this nation. We’ve got patriots, Real Americans, singers, dancers, farmers, and more all standing together for their rights. Y’all are missing the boat.

But I guess the LMS would rather spend an extra hour in the editing room trying to make Christine O’Donnell relevant again because “I am not a witch” is just so cute. Gosh, maybe she’ll walk off another show and up the eyeballs with her wacky refusal to be accountable! Razzle dazzle ‘em, CNN!

We know they won’t get it; they’re the last to jump on the latest thing or to even know the real thing, so instead of moving on to the real show, they’ll double down on failure and move Tea Party adjacent by finding some way of reviving evangelical Chosen Sarah Palin from the dead. ABC just assured us earlier this week that Sarah Palin is different than Perry because she didn’t do favors for political friends and donors; they failed to mention that the Alaska government was comprised under Palin of her high school and church friends, most of whom were unqualified for the positions she appointed them to- shades of Bush and his DoJ club of loyalist fundies. But they insist on selling her as different than Rick Perry (Perry knows what Paul Revere really did!), whom they will tell us is different from W…. When we all know the Tea Party is the evangelicals, who are the Palins, who are the Perrys, who were the Ws. But they gotta find some way of polishing that GOP turd every four years, so here we go.

Dazzle us, Lame stream media! Show us a new party, just like the old party and hope we never wake up.

The News Press reported that O’Donnell handled the five attendees “in stride”:

Still, O’Donnell took the turnout of five people — members of the media outnumbered customers — at Barnes & Noble in stride.

“God bless you, Tom,” she told Tom Bruzzesi of Fort Myers, who said he’s launching his own presidential campaign.

Maybe Tom will be the new Joe the Plumber! Gosh, that would be so….fresh! So hot! So new!

A Tea Party has-been who could only draw five people for a book signing gets more coverage than 100,000 people protesting in Wisconsin for their fundamental American rights. They think the Tea Party is selling, but no one is buying.

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