Eric Cantor Revises History But Still Can’t Tell Us Where The Jobs Are

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Nearly all students of history comprehend that it is the definitive purveyor of truth that can at once, dispel myths and give clarity so a society can avoid making the same mistakes over and over again. For the past two-and-a-half years though, there has been a rise in revisionist history on every subject from the original Christian intent of the Founders to the distortion that the conservative’s godhead, Ronald Reagan, saved the world from impending doom and Pagan domination of America. Republicans have coupled revisionist history with abject lies to portray the Obama Administration as the single biggest threat to human kind since the Plague, and they have become so audacious that they have attempted to revise recent history that is not yet written in any history books.

One of the biggest liars and historical revisionists of late is House Majority Leader, Eric Cantor, who is parroting a continuous loop of doom and gloom about President Obama’s handling of the economy. It is one thing for people like Cantor to revise history from 1776, but when he tries to change the facts from a month ago, he has stepped over the line. Apparently Cantor thinks that all Americans are as stupid as Fox News’ viewers and conservative malcontents who cannot read or think critically, but he needs to know that there are plenty of Americans who read, listen, and recall what transpired in recent months.

Cantor wrote an opinion piece on Sunday that is exactly that; his opinion based on faulty assumptions, erroneous facts, and imagination that informs American he is an abject liar and shill for the Heritage Foundation and Cato Institute. Cantor’s opinion piece was regarding President Obama’s economic agenda and it was inappropriately titled, “Removing the obstacles to economic growth,” and he chose to take the low road and promote a Republican agenda that truly obstructs economic growth and he uses fabricated history to support his opinion.

Cantor opens up with the standard fare for Republicans that President Obama is wrong to think increased spending and raising taxes is the reason the economy is not growing. First, nearly every economist on American soil has said that a much larger stimulus bill would help, not hurt the economy. In fact, yesterday nine of the best studies on the efficacy of the stimulus on the economy was reviewed and the preponderance of evidence showed that the government spending did help the economy and spur job growth. Second, the lie that President Obama is raising taxes belies the fact that taxes are at their lowest since 1958.  Cantor said that the administration’s message to business is, “we want to make it harder to create jobs” and yet when the president and Democrats attempted to give businesses tax breaks and incentives for creating jobs, Republicans were there to obstruct the legislation on principle alone. What Cantor will not admit and the American people are beginning to realize is that Republicans are making it harder to create jobs, stimulate the economy, and reduce the deficit.

Cantor’s biggest pack of lies was his “opinion” that the S&P downgrade was solely the fault of President Obama. He claimed that Republicans had to “drag him to the table to make even the modest spending cuts that Standard & Poor’s says don’t go far enough.” For the record and to refute Mr. Cantor’s lies, S&P said in their report that the deficit reduction should have been $4 trillion coupled with increased tax revenue;  especially letting the Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthy expire. President Obama proposed $4 trillion in spending cuts and Republicans were adamant that the cuts were limited to a bit over $2 trillion over the next ten years with no tax increases whatsoever. In fact, if Republicans had followed the president’s recommendations to the letter without their practice of obstructionism, S&P would have upheld the AAA credit rating America has maintained for seventy years. Instead they opposed the president and single-mindedly caused the downgrade.

The final piece of opinion that Cantor expressed was shockingly true that President Obama “made clear that he would never support the type of structural changes to Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security needed to make these programs solvent as envisioned in our budget.” Cantor finally told the truth, although he did not elaborate on exactly what “structural changes” to the working-Americans’ funded retirement and old-age healthcare system. President Obama and a great majority of Americans do not support the Medicare, Social Security, and Medicaid privatization scam the Heritage Foundation convinced Paul Ryan to propose in their budget. Republicans also cannot envision ever raising taxes on the wealthiest 2% of Americans even though a great majority of Americans whole-heartedly agree with the president that it is high time the rich share in the working-poor’s sacrifice to help the economy and the country.

Eric Cantor fails to recognize that regardless of his revisionist history concerning who is stifling economic growth and job creation, it is his party’s obsession with increasing the wealthy’s bottom line that is the cause of the problem. Cantor can continue his bovine excrement sophistry till the end of time, but the history he is trying to change is too fresh in our memories to ignore.  No-one says Republicans like Cantor cannot have their own opinion, they can; but they cannot have their own facts that belie recent history. However, Republicans have been submitting their own fallacious set of facts for years, and as clinical liars are wont to do, they will never stop lying despite the preponderance of the evidence to the contrary. Whether Cantor was writing to satisfy the Heritage Foundation or just his own bloated ego, he is a liar. In case Mr. Cantor wants to dispute the claim that there is no veracity to his remarks, this author stands willing to show the little creep in black-and-white or video tape that every word he wrote was fallacious and poorly-written drivel. Cantor may have pleased his masters in the corporate world and the Washington Post, but he has angered good tax-paying Americans who are sick and tired of Republican lies. Mr. Cantor, we are here and we want to know; where are the jobs you promised as your highest priority and why do insist on lying as a matter-of-course?

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