The Koch Is My Shepherd: Fox Uses Goat Herder Rules To Attack Obama

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In a sign that their perpetual outrage machine may have the summer blues, Fox and Friends got outraged that Obama administration is now required that goat herders be provided with clean beds.

Here is the video from Media Matters:

Steve Doocy said, “For instance the government is going to require the people who hire these goat herders and sheepherders who are largely migrant farmers from another country to have separate sleeping units for each person, each unit has got have a comfortable bed and clean mattress, and the wall near the cooking areas must be fire resistant, so here in the name of making things better for the goat herders they’re giving the people who hire the goat herders a headache because they are going to have follow all these federal regulations.”

Michelle Malkin added, “I think the most important thing about this these goat herders are being imported and one wonders if there isn’t anybody else in this country everybody talks about American jobs, American jobs if there isn’t somebody who wouldn’t want to have these cushy jobs with a cell phone supplied by the government, or guaranteed by the government anyway, and I would like to know how many people exactly we’re bringing into this country to do these jobs that you’d think somebody else would want to do.”

Let’s look at how cushy these jobs really are:

— An employer may use a mobile unit, camper, or other similar mobile vehicle for housing workers that meets the following standards. (That doesn’t sound bad, until you read a little more and see that a tent can also meet the mobile standards too).

—If pits are used for disposal by burying of excreta and liquid waste, they shall be kept fly-tight when not filled in completely after each use. The maintenance of disposal pits must be in accordance with State and local health and sanitation requirements. (Since you are out on the range herding, you probably won’t have a bathroom. Talk about easy living).

—In areas where it is not feasible to provide electrical service to mobile housing, including tents, lanterns shall be provided (kerosene wick lights meet the definition of lantern). (No electricity either? I can’t understand why Americans aren’t clamoring for these jobs).

The best part about the job is that for all of your efforts, and the required knowledge of the care for goats and sheep, you will earn $20,000-$29,000 a year.

Fox News was advocating for no regulations so that the herders can be forced to live in whatever squalid conditions that the employer wants to provide, and get paid any amount that the employer wants to pay. The reasons why the herders have to be imported are because America isn’t exactly an open range nation where goat herding is a widely practiced profession, and few Americans are going to want to live and work in such rugged and isolated conditions for $20,000 + a year. The average Wal-Mart employee makes roughly $13,000-$15,000 a year. A full time McDonalds employee could average around $12,000 a year.

A goat herder makes an extra $5,000+ a year more than a Wal-Mart worker, but has to live on the open range and engage in physical work, and live in rough conditions. If Michelle Malkin thinks these jobs are so cushy, I think that she should give one a try.

The gall of the Obama administration, how dare they actually expect employers to treat their workers like people? We all know that corporations are people, but treating herders like people is just too much. Beneath the jokes, Fox News was advocating for a return to the America that Upton Sinclair wrote about in The Jungle.

They won’t be happy until most Americans can look at herding, and agree with Michelle Malkin that it is a cushy job.

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