Glenn Beck Bombs As Only 1,000 Attend Jerusalem Rally

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This is how it ends for Glenn Beck. His Restoring Courage rally was sparsely attended by an estimated 1,000 people and largely ignored by the US media. Beck’s once rising star has now fallen into the gutter.

Glenn Beck had high hopes for Jerusalem. This was going to be his big post Fox News comeback. He has been using the Restoring Courage rally to hype and his soon to launch GBTV internet service. The first signs of trouble for Beck came when Think Progress noted that the venue was, “surprisingly small.” They never realized at the time that this small venue would feature empty seats.

Photo via: Think Progress

A Beck spokesman told Yahoo’s The Cut Line, “But in the end, 1,700 supporters showed for the sold-out event, and an additional 3,000 gathered at a nearby viewing station where it was beamed in live.” However, this claim has been roundly disputed by those who were in attendance. Israeli writer Ami Kaufman was there and he put attendance at about 1,000. More importantly, Kaufman had a more stinging criticism. The event was dull.

Photo via: Ami Kaufman

If you are looking for one word to sum up how Glenn Beck went from drawing 3 million viewers nightly on Fox News to seeing his audience plummet and Fox severing ties with him, that word would be dull. By believing his own hype while taking himself too seriously, Glenn Beck bored his fans into leaving him. After his Restoring Honor rally bombed last year, it was the height of self-delusion for him to think that thousands would follow him to Israel.

Glenn Beck was fine when he was the conservative rodeo clown providing a nightly dose of entertainment to the blue hairs that make up the Fox News audience, but his program became too dark, too paranoid, too religious, and too stuck on one paranoid conspiracy theory note to maintain its appeal.

Yossi Sarid seemed to speak for many Israelis who weren’t thrilled with having Beck’s circus in their country either, “Beck, Hagee and their swarm are anti-Semites, who are not even aware of their anti-Semitism and the extent of its ugliness. Or maybe they are. In recent years this anti-Semitism has not been directed mainly against Jews, for they have found the Arab substitute for it. Now they are using the Arabs to scare Israel and the Muslims to scare the world. And the white, Aryan lion will devour them and their undercover envoys such as Barack Hussein. The visit ended yesterday, the circus is folding its tent and moving elsewhere. Let’s pray it will not return soon. Mr. Beck, don’t come back. We’re not short of dangerous wackos here.”

The turnout for Restoring Courage proved one thing. Glenn Beck needed the platform of Fox News more than Fox News ever needed Beck. The media platform to push his dark wares is gone now, and for most of America it is out of sight out of mind as it relates to Glenn Beck.

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