Gay Barbarians Take The Glitter and the Fabulousness to the Bachmann’s Clinic

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Gay Barbarians Glitter Bachmann Clinic Dance Protest

The setting: Lake Elmo, Minnesota. The players: An army of gay barbarians. The scene: The Barbarians dance in the parking lot of Michele and Marcus Bachmann’s “clinic” singing, “You can’t pray away the gay, baby I was born that way” and end up converting Marcus from angry disciplinarian to happy, out of the closet barbarian in a flurry of glitter.

The backstory: The protestors are fighting back peacefully and creatively against Marcus’s assertion that gays are “barbarians who need to be disciplined.”

Gay Barbarians Glitter Marcus Bachmann’s “Pray Away The Gay” Clinic:

Seriously, how can you watch this and not be filled with admiration for the spirit, the choreography, the concept, and the costumes? Why, I have it from Jesus direct this time that he LOVED it! And I later heard Jesus singing the chorus “You can’t pray away the gay baby I was born this way!” He’s always struck me as a guy who loved everyone and had a pretty darn good sense of humor unless people were being mistreated, but I never knew how much He loved glitter.

Course, Jesus loves us all; but He does warn us about the Pharisees.

Here’s the info about this fabulous production, but first, in case you are concerned about far right “Christian” conservative abuse of government funds for the purposes of their radical agenda to fundamentally change America and use harmful, debunked therapy on innocent people, you might want to sign a petition to stop taxpayer funds to Bachmann’s anti-gay clinic.

The group’s YouTube page tells us:

“Let’s be clear: Marcus Bachmann is the practitioner of an unhealthy, unscientific and dangerous practice,” explained Nick Espinosa, one of the event organizers. “It seems all too convenient that the minute Michele Bachamann becomes a candidate for President Marcus starts making a desperate attempt to walk back his previous statements.”

Marcus’s inexplicable change of orientation on the use of “ex-gay” therapy comes a month after an interview in which he claimed to only use the therapy “at the patient’s discretion.” This statement also contradicts video evidence from an undercover investigation that shows employees of the clinic clearly encouraging the widely-discredited therapy….

Her anti-gay views have been a focal point of her career as a politician, but lately she has shied away from reporters’ questions about her controversial comments and taxpayer-funded “reparative therapy” clinic. While Michele Bachmann has long railed against federal safety net programs like Medicaid, the Bachmann & Associates clinic has received over $137,000 in Medicaid funds and over $27,000 in other state and federal funds.

For years, the scientific and medical communities — including groups like the American Psychology Association — have dismissed “reparative therapy” (also known as “conversion therapy” or “ex-gay therapy”) as dangerous and unethical.

I know we can’t pray away the gay, but do you suppose there’s any hope of praying away the hate in Jesus’ name?

Credits: Producer: Sarah Webster Norton, Choreographer: John Agurkis, Edited by Dan Feidt & Gus Ganley

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