The White Supremacist Roots Of The Tea Party’s Obama Hate

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Every country has nationalistic pride and it does not matter how oppressive the government is, or how corrupt its leaders are, most people are fiercely proud of their country. Americans are as nationalistic as any people on the planet and one of the greatest aspects of this country is the diversity of the people who come together in times of strife to overcome any obstacle. There are a great number of people in America who believe nationalism is defined by the racial makeup of the population, and these racial supremacists harken back to the founding of the country when wealthy white landowners controlled all aspects of society, something that any decent American finds revolting. For the past two years or so, the teabaggers have been labeled as racists for the homogeneity of the group that is most certainly white. Teabaggers deny they are racists, but when 99% of the group is white and they rail against the first African American president for imagined transgressions before he set his administration’s policies, it is impossible to see them as anything but racists.

The racial bigotry against President Obama began before he was inaugurated and has continued unabated to this day. The hatred against Obama cannot be for his policies because he is a Centrist who has enraged many on the Left for not acquiescing to their demands that he pursue a Progressive agenda. Teabaggers complained from the start of the president’s term in 2009 that he was taxing them too much even though the tax rates were from George W. Bush’s term. The president cut taxes shortly after taking office and the teabags still claimed Obama was overtaxing them. The teabaggers have complained about all of President Obama’s policies regardless that they benefited from his agenda, so the only explanation for their opposition that makes any sense is his race.

David Duke made a video-taped speech for teabaggers that laid out bigoted reasons for the tea party’s desire to return America to the Founding Fathers’ days when African slaves were considered 3/5ths of a person and the predominant race was white. The racial bigot Duke told teabaggers that African Americans, Jews, and other minorities were interlopers trying to change America from a white man’s country into a diverse nation of ethnicities and that it will be the undoing of our country. No-one is surprised that David Duke is still a bigot, but his dysfunctional logic supporting ethnic cleansing gives one pause and informs why teabaggers want America to return to its original European, white roots set at the country’s founding.

Duke accused Jews in the media of promoting President Obama, and throughout his speech refers to “real Americans” as European-American people who overwhelmingly did not vote for President Obama and reject him as the country’s leader. Duke claimed the original Boston tea party was a rejection of foreign intervention in America’s government and he goes on to insinuate that the president, Jews, and non-whites are a foreign power who are robbing European Americans of their freedom to rule themselves. To further his argument for white supremacy, he referred to the Founding Fathers’ first immigration policy that limited immigrants to “free white people.” The racial rant quotes Thomas Jefferson and cites his reason for opposing slavery as a “danger to our posterity,” and that Jefferson said “unless African slaves were repatriated to their motherland, he shudders for America’s future.” Duke also said Jefferson’s writings on the slavery issue have been “completely censored in the popular media” and that it is a despicable plot to fool the American people.

There are many problems with Duke’s supremacist rant, and besides being sickening on many levels, it gives a clue to why teabaggers cite the Founders’ original intent at the nation’s beginning as being a golden age. Teabaggers and Duke have idealized the late 1700s as the model for 21st Century America as if the past two-hundred years of progress did not improve America. Duke’s racial tirade explains the Black voter suppression being supported by teabaggers as well as the attacks on women’s rights. Duke kept referring to the Founders’ and the Constitution, but never acknowledged the multitude of amendments that were necessary to keep pace with the changing landscape in this country.

Teabaggers have opposed the 14th Amendment’s Citizenship Clause as well as the Equal Protection Clause that are part of the so-called “Reconstruction Amendments” that include the 13th and 15th Amendments that abolished slavery and granted voting rights to people of colour respectively. If America was constrained to the original 10 amendments in the Constitution, the country would be no better than a third-world country and anyone who was not white would be little more than property. America is not a third world country and regardless of the sensibilities of the Founding Fathers in 1791, this is the 21st Century and the Constitution has been amended to correct the inequities the European white-supremacists planned for America.

Racism in America permeates all levels of society and demonstrates that a large segment of society has been programmed to believe the white race is superior to Blacks, Latinos, and Asians. Much of the objection to President Obama comes from a belief that he does not belong in the White House and that he is foreign. The birther movement is still alive with accusations that the president is Kenyan, wrong, and not like the rest of us. There are still Americans who believe President Obama is a Muslim who panders to middle-eastern leaders and secretly works to destroy America. Recently, the teabagger chairwoman in Sumter, South Carolina made a joke about killing the Obamas; she did not see the harm in the joke.

The strange aspect to David Duke’s speech to teabaggers is that he rails against anyone who claims the tea party is racist while he touts the nearly all-white members of the group and their belief that only European-Americans have a right to exist and control this country. Duke may well be the most visible representation of racial bigotry in America, but he represents millions of Americans who hate President Obama for no other reason than his race. Although the American Civil War is a black mark on our country and should be a cause for shame, it is still celebrated in the South even though it was fought to preserve slavery. There are many Southern state residents who would revisit the Civil War if they thought they could prevail and institute slavery again.

There is no answer to white supremacy that David Duke, teabaggers, and millions of Americans advocate. Sociologists have said that education at an early age is virtually worthless if a child goes home to racial indoctrination. It is also a mistake to teach tolerance because it means children have to put up with African Americans instead of seeing them as equals. It is sad that America continues its racist tendencies, and although many Americans do not see this country as racist, Europeans consider America the most racially bigoted country in the world. Perhaps it is because the teabaggers and racists like David Duke are the loudest and most visible, but Europe felt America was racist before there was a tea party. One thing is certain, the teabaggers are racists and David Duke’s speech verifies what many Americans have claimed for the past two-and-a-half years. Don’t believe it? Watch David Duke here and compare his words with teabagger rhetoric. The teabags are racists and white supremacists who feel President Obama is not qualified to be president. It is too bad that racism is generational because the racist mentality is being passed down and there is no end in sight.

Maybe it is time to cut the racists loose and let them form their own country based around 1790s sensibilities. They may decide that 21st century America with a diverse population is not so bad after all. No, never mind; they will still be racists no matter where they live or what century it is as long they follow the lead of those white supremacist Founding Fathers.

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