Arrested for Terrorism: The Movie Michele Bachmann Doesn’t Want You to See

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Bachmann staffer Peter Waldron's movie

A Michele Bachmann presidential campaign “faith organizer” was arrested for terrorism in Uganda and is having a movie made about this event, titled, “The Ultimate Price: The Peter E. Waldron Story”. The gist of the movie seems to be that being arrested for terrorism makes the Bahcmann staffer the ultimate martyr, especially considering that he claims Michele Bachmann has the “anointing of God upon her” and requires an “army”. This, my friends, is going to be no ordinary election season.

Some things are so bad there really aren’t words. In this case, as someone who has worked in the film industry since I was old enough to work, this is just appalling. Yes, this is even more appalling than the Tea Party propaganda TV series that went straight to DVD and the Sarah Palin propaganda film. It’s that bad.

Bad production, cliche 1960’s lighting techniques only without film to soften them, zero sound mixing, and the standard mistakes conservatives always make: self-aggrandizing, preachy, melodramatic and ugly. This, too, is some sort of alleged biographical story, made to mythologize the hero — aka, a hagiography in these parts. As perhaps an up depending on your taste, Peter does get a walloping over his bum with a long stick during one scene. Also standard fare for evangelical movies, I hear. Since this was made by “Big Promise Productions”, I see no reason to assume this wasn’t intended.

This is the story of Peter Waldron, the evangelical organizer arrested in Uganda on charges of terrorism. He was imprisoned for a month and then all charges were dropped after the Bush administration supposedly saved him with a phone call.

This is his persecution story. “The Ultimate Price: The Peter E. Waldron Story”:

This is the guy whom the Bachmann campaign credited with her Iowa straw poll win. He says he is a Bachmann staffer, in charge of her “faith campaign and outreach”. On August 17, 2011, The Atlantic broke the story about his arrest in Uganda. They laid the groundwork for his ties to the Bachmann campaign:

Asked about Waldron’s role and background, Alice Stewart, the press secretary for the Bachmann for President campaign, replied in an email: “Michele’s faith is an important part of her life and Peter did a tremendous job with our faith outreach in Iowa. We are fortunate to have him on our team and look forward to having him expanding his efforts in several states.”


Dave Racer, who worked to free Waldron in 2006, said Wednesday that he was uncertain as to the veracity of the allegations against him or the counter-claims. At the time, there was, as he understood it, “an allegation that Peter was involved in gun-running, I believe he was accused perhaps of fomenting some uprising against [Ugandan] President Museveni.”

Goodness. That sure sounds like Michele Bachmann is “pallin’ around with terrorists,” but I’m sure it’s different if God anointed you to illegally possess firearms first.

From the Atlantic story, it’s clear that Bachmann and her faith outreach staffer share at least two things in common: Both have made a lot of money off of the government (he made $600,000 off of state and local dollars from 1995 to 1999, and she has taken hundreds of thousands in subsidies, as well as her husband’s clinic taking Medicare for unlicensed and unapproved – some say harmful – methods of counseling such as pray away the gay which Michele earlier denied) and they both feel as if they are being persecuted for being Christians. Naturally.

I mean, doesn’t being persecuted for being a Christian fit in perfectly with melodramatic narcissism, especially when it’s combined with a sense of being lost and a desire to grift off of the government in the name of small government?

Interestingly, soon after the Atlantic story broke, Walron’s Facebook page was made private and it now says there is no content on that page. On Sunday, before his Facebook page went into stealth mode, he wrote: (captured by Warren Throckmorton):

Screen Shot of Waldron's Facebook Page captured by Warren Throckmorton

“I see a Saul and David scenario between Perry and Bachmann. One looks everything like a King while the other is anointed.”

Interviewed by Andrew Rice of the New Republic in 2004, when he was calling himself “Dr. Waldron” (this must be an affectation of Dominionists because Mother Jones recently reported that Michele Bachmann was passing herself off as a doctor in Minnesota years ago as she worked on trying to fundamentally radicalize the education system to the Christian faith), in which he boasted of meeting with rapper MC Hammer at the White House, Rice noted, “It struck me that, for many Americans of faith, Uganda – a country where homosexuality and abortion are outlawed, where politicians freely mix church and state, and where outward displays of religious devotion are the norm – represents a kind of haven.”

It seems the Dominionist evangelicals would like to make America that same haven, and they’ve got three candidates lined up to take the White House for “God”; only one of them is a true believer, but that is hardly of interest to the American public, because what drives them all is an insatiable lust for power. We have Michele Bachmann, the true believer, pitted against Rick Perry, the cowboy pretender and Sarah Palin (if she ever announces), the con artist grifter. So far, only Michele and Sarah have claimed to be actually anointed by God. Perry better get with it.

Meanwhile, we were going to have Peter Waldron’s movie, but now it’s been taken down from You Tube and only rescued by the watchful eye of Warren Throchmorton, who found the surviving trailer, much to the chagrin of the Bachmann campaign, I’m sure.

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