Keith Olbermann Fillets Idiot Tool Of The Rich Eric Cantor

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Keith Olbermann not only named Eric Cantor the Worst Person in the World, but also called him an idiot tool of the rich for blaming Obama for engaging in class warfare.

Here is the video:

Olbermann read from Cantor’s Washington Post op-ed,

In fact, the Obama administration’s anti-business, hyper-regulatory, pro-tax agenda has fueled economic uncertainty and sent the message from the administration that “we want to make it harder to create jobs.”

Olbermann responded, “Only an idiot believes that, or a tool of the rich, or an idiot tool of the rich. Job creation halted early in the Bush administration because the Bush administration was dedicated to, as is Mr Cantor, giving the corporations and the rich more money that they can spend on toys and expensive food rather than employees. But Cantor went further today. He blamed the president for something the Republicans started something which he profits from personally. “The politics of division, he wrote have reared up, fueled by efforts to incite class warfare.”

Olbermann went off, “This is a society where one percent of the citizens control forty two percent of the wealth. This is a society where the 400 richest people made $17 billion among them in 1992 and paid 29% tax. Three years ago, that to 400 made $90 billion and paid 21% tax. This is a society in which class warfare does not need to be incited. It has been fully and viciously waged by the Republicans, Mr. Cantor and his banker wife included, for three decades. Class warfare, the wealthy seeking to enrich themselves endlessly at the expense of everyone else that has been the entire point of the Republican Party since long before the state of Virginia began to investigate if Mrs. Cantor is involved in what appears to be a scheme to trade a contract to manage a state pension system for donations to Mr. Cantor’s political action committee. There is class warfare in this country and Eric Cantor while hardly powerful enough to be the Gaddafi in the parallel is at least one of his henchmen.”

The Republicans love to accuse Democrats of class warfare but they love to practice it. How else can Republicans desire to cut the deficit by taking programs away from those who most need them, while at the same time asking the wealthy to do nothing, be explained? Eric Cantor is not a tool of the rich. He is one of their chosen weapons of mass destruction against the poor and the middle class.

The one thing that we have learned from the new tea infused GOP is that they really believe what they are saying. Facts, history, and truth mean nothing to them. They are running on a blind faith in their own ideology. The facts may say wealth will never trickle down, but they have faith, and as long as they believe, they will continue to press on.

Eric Cantor is an idiot tool of the rich. He is Koch court jester, but sadly the joke is on all of us.

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