First an Earthquake, Then Keith Olbermann Applauds Sarah Palin

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It has been one weird been one weird day here in the East. We had an earthquake and Keith Olbermann applauding Sarah Palin on Countdown.

Here is the video of Olbermann:

Keith Olbermann read part of Sarah Palin’s statement essentially declaring war on Karl Rove, “Any professional pundit claiming to have “inside information” regarding Governor Palin’s personal decision is not only wrong but their comments are specifically intended to mislead the American people.”

Olbermann added, “Take a second and let this sink in. You heard it there. Sarah Palin claims Karl Rove goes on Fox News to mislead the American public.”

Then came this:

The Karl Rove/Sarah Palin feud has been going on for almost a year now. When Rove made his comments about Palin getting into the 2012 race, my first thought was that he was trying to bait her into running. It looked like Rove was taunting Palin again. Olbermann pointed out the interesting angle that Palin’s response was that she seemed to admit that Rove goes on Fox News to mislead the American people, but there is one more interesting little tidbit.

The employee of Sarah’s who wrote that dig at Rove did so, not on her Facebook page, but at SarahPAC. Her PAC site could easily be transformed into a campaign website if Palin does decide to run, and her statement also featured a transparent attempt to distance herself from her Fox News employer by griping about the 24 hour news cycle, which she is paid to be a part of, and giving kudos to CNN.

Without realizing it Team Sarah basically exposed the Fox News game plan for all of America to see. Get some high profile conservative celebrities, arm them with talking points, and trot them out on the air to mislead the American people. (Palin herself has been doing this since the day she hot footed it out of Alaska). If Palin does run, it probably won’t be announced at the end of September because she has a paying gig with Glenn Beck on October 7 in Missouri.

A Palin candidacy will do little beyond being the stake into the heart of Michele Bachmann’s presidential campaign. Sarah Palin has no money, staff, or organization. She isn’t John McCain. She is not a popular candidate, even in the Republican Party. She has never run a presidential primary campaign before. At best Palin will be running as a business strategy. She will be the white, female, Alaskan, Alan Keyes.

But on one strange day in 2011, the earth shook beneath the feet of millions of East Coasters who had no idea what was going on, and Sarah Palin earned a seven second round of applause from Keith Olbermann.

Strange days indeed

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