Frank Schaeffer Explains Why Michele Bachmann’s Faith is Anti-American

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Frank Schaeffer (author of Crazy for God and Sex, Mom and God) was on Democracy Now explaining Michele Bachmann’s “Dominionist” religion, saying that Michele Bachmann is a Dominionist who want dominion over the government and as such, doesn’t just come from “the far right of evangelical politics. She comes from a fringe even of the fringe, which is the Reconstructionist, Dominionist movement….The religious right that I was part of is fundamentally anti-American. They hate this country. They wrap themselves in the flag, but they hate America as it is.”

Here’s the interview courtesy of Democracy Now:

Schaeffer explains that Bachmann is lying when she says that when she said she was “submissive to her husband” she meant she was “respectful”, not submissive. Schaeffer explains that Bachmann’s faith is part of the Quiverfull movement, wherein misogyny rules and where the wives are most definitely submissive to the husband. Schaeffer explains that Michele’s base will forgive her for lying about the meaning of “submissive” because hiding her extreme agenda is seen as means to their end goal of taking over our country.

The most important thing to take away from Schaeffer’s interview is the fact that the movement of the far Right is actually a movement of anti-Americanism. Schaeffer explains that it’s a lack of patriotism that tells people to revolt, to secede, to threaten the chairman of the fed, and to hate their government enough to want to defund the US Government as most recently seen in the Debt Ceiling debacle wrought by the Tea Party.

What Frank has desperately been trying to tell us is to man up and use the language the Right has been using against America for too long. The far Right has labeled secession patriotism and so it must be obvious that theirs is a world of spin and distraction – they have been using those words against Americans as a means of intimidation, while they threaten our government.

Just today in the comment section, a conservative was arguing that it was patriotic of Perry to want to secede from the US. It is most certainly not patriotic to want to secede, but the Republican Party ran someone married to a secessionist as their VP nominee in 2008. Why are Americans so silent about the utter lack of respect for this country shown by these folks?

It’s time to wake up and call these folks what they are, which Frank just did. It’s Anti-American to hate your government, want to overthrow it, champion defunding it and threaten to secede from it. And while I won’t go so far as Bachmann did when she called for investigations into who in congress was “pro America and who is anti-America”, I will suggest that proper labeling is in order.

The far Right has tried to claim the mantle of patriotism while selling a platform of anti-Americanism. Perhaps it’s time they were called out on their linguistic shell game.

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