Late Night Snack: Mock the Dummy Brings Us Sausages and Dummies

Aug 21 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

Michele Bachmann wishes she were a sausage

The people at Mock the Dummy have done it again. I wish they’d shoot their production meetings, because I’d love to hear how they come up with these scripts and the Dummies who are pure genius, encompassing so many conflicting traits of Fox News and the Tea Party at once, even down to the fanatical belief the characters have in what they’re selling, topped off with that simple smile of a true believer. This time, Mock the Dummies bring us a play on the Bachmanns and sausages.

Marcus Bachmann, praying away the gay while he sucks down a foot long sausage as Michele screeches at him to stop.

Dummies and Sausages

I’m sure you didn’t miss the Real Life Marcus and the foot long, but just in case, yes, he really did allow himself to be photographed eating a foot long.


And you just KNOW whose fault that is! Darn liberal media. But the real question is, if Marcus can’t pray away the gay, does that mean that Michele’s Jesus hates him? Somewhere, right now, Michele Bachmann is praying to become a foot long sausage and that’s just not right. Hate the sin, love the sinner! So let’s all pray for poor Michele, that she come to find the Savior of sanity, also known as reality. Bless her heart.

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