Illegal Immigrant Hero Antonio Diaz Chacon Defies FOX News Stereotypes

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Antonio Diaz Chacon

How can this be? How can an illegal immigrant have saved a 6-year-old  New Mexico girl from abduction? Shouldn’t he have been the one abducting her? Or robbing somebody? Or smuggling explosives or drugs across the border in his anus? Or living comfortably at home on the white man’s dime while plotting the downfall of America?

But no, instead of being a criminal and a terrorist like FOX News asserts all illegal immigrants are, Antonio Diaz Chacon, 23, married father of one – an employed father of one who works as a mechanic – chased down the would-be abductor and saved the little girl. And as was only just and proper, he was honored as a hero Friday night in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Watch the video from KRQE:

Hero describes rescuing of girl:

Of course, once it turned out Mr. Dias Chacon was an illegal immigrant, the controversy began, as KRQE reports:

Hero says he’s an illegal immigrant:

Martha Diaz Chacon, our hero’s wife, is a U.S. citizen and they have been married for two years. According to KRQE,

The couple has been living in Albuquerque for four years. Diaz Chacon said he’s tried to get his citizenship in the past but stopped after the process became too time-consuming and expensive.

Mr. Chacon defies all the stereotypes the Republican Party foists on the American people, and he is aware of this: “Now that everywhere people are attacking immigrants, he thinks this happened for a reason for people to know that immigrants aren’t just criminals,” said Martha.

As you might expect and as KRQE also reports, Republican governor Gov. Susana Martinez isn’t having any of this. Her spokesman Scott Darnell had this to say:

“The radical special interest groups shamefully exploiting this man, who may or may not be here illegally, to further their cause cannot ignore the litany of well-documented cases of this policy that put the public at risk, one of which occurred literally a few blocks away at a Denny’s restaurant in 2009 when gang members from El Salvador who had driver’s licenses committed a murder.”

Radical…really? Gov. Martinez wants to take away illegal immigrants’ drivers licenses. Then if Mr. Diaz Chacon had pursued the kidnapper in his truck he would have done so illegally, and no doubt Martinez would have been happy to see him charged with driving without a license rather than celebrated for rescuing a little girl.

Collective guilt of “the Other” always finds support among conservatives, but that thinking never applies to them. Taking the governor’s logic at face value, after all, if a group of Christians killed somebody, we should deport all Christians.

The fact remains: this illegal immigrant whom FOX News would no doubt love to demonize, saved a little girl from abduction. And the question we must ask is this: without his presence, would that little girl be alive and with her family today?

Because Mr. Diaz Chacon was in this country, he was where he needed to be Monday night in southwest Albuquerque when the 6-year-old victim went to a neighbor’s house and was abducted. Mr. Chacon got in his truck and chased the kidnapper’s van for several miles, some fifteen minutes, before it crashed into a light pole. Mr. Diaz Chacon wasn’t robbing anybody; he wasn’t smuggling; he wasn’t living happily on the taxpayer’s dime: he was being a hero.

Note: FOX News did carry this story, but without mentioning their own highly negative and inflammatory propaganda about illegal immigrants being…oh, a little off-base.

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