Blow Job: Ann Coulter Demands That The Media Find Obama’s Coke Dealer

Aug 21 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

Ann Coulter showed up on Fox News today to blame the liberal media, not a Ron Paul supporter, for the Rick Perry sex ad. Coulter then demanded that the media find Obama’s coke dealer.

Here is the video from Media Matters:

Coulter was doing her usual liberal media bias shtick when she added, “By the way speaking of media vetting, there is a huge ad in an Austin newspaper asking for anyone who’s had sex with Rick Perry. Can we get the ad to find you know Obama’s cocaine dealer now that he is two years into his presidency?”

What Coulter left out of her little story is that it isn’t the liberal media who are pushing the Rick Perry ad. A Ron Paul supporter named Robert Morrow took out the ad in the Austin Chronicle, but since that doesn’t fit into the Fox News narrative, Coulter shoved reality to the curb and rewrote the story so that she could make a reference to the fact that Barack Obama admitted to using pot and cocaine in high school and college.

Oh Ann, that’s so 2008 of you. The Rev. Wright and Obama did drugs attacks didn’t work the last time around, so why would the right wing media establishment think that they would suddenly work now? Voters have heard it all before. In fact, they heard it from Obama himself. The difference between Obama and Perry is that Obama told the truth about his past, while Rick Perry is off playing the God card and hoping that the media doesn’t catch on to the fact that he invested in porn distribution.

Even if the person Obama bought drugs from thirty years or more ago was found, what could they do? Confirm that Obama was telling the truth about buying pot and cocaine. There is a difference between a kid experimenting with drugs and a grown man holding the Bible in one hand and a copy of Hustler behind his back.

When a 40 something year old future Republican president used cocaine, it was chalked up to youthful indiscretions. There were no jokes on Fox News about that. It was a non-story. However something Obama did when he actually was young, not middle aged, was attack fodder for Coulter and her Fox friends.

We’ll get right on finding “Obama’s drug dealer” as soon as we finish looking for George W. Bush’s dealer, and exposing Rick Perry’s porn hypocrite past.

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