MSNBC’s Martin Bashir Details the Threats He Got From Sarah Palin Fans

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Martin Bashir

Ever wonder what it’s like to report on the Tea Party candidates? It’s no fun. Say something they don’t like, and hordes of rather nutty, angry Americans will start threatening you, but only after they demonize you in any way possible.

Sarah Palin’s fans are the absolute worst about this kind of repugnant behavior, as we have seen from Senator Yee to average citizens who have all been threatened to the extent that law enforcement got involved. Now we get an inside scoop from MSNBC’s Martin Bashir (British journalist now working for MSNBC), who was threatened by Palin fans using “extremely offensive language”. Yes, those are the faux Christians we are all familiar with; the flag pole “Christians” who believe that they are entitled to do and say anything to others who don’t share their beliefs in secession and biblical law (also known by them as “patriotism”).

MSNBC’s Martin Bashir did an interview with Mediate where he explained what prompted him to show his green card on the air. “When Bashir delivered a commentary on Sarah Palin’s on-again, off-again bus tour, suggesting the motive behind it all was money, Palin’s supporters unleashed a torrent of criticism–and a few lightly veiled threats. “It was extraordinary. I had people literally leaving messages (late at night),” he told us, describing some of calls as unsettling in their tone and content. “Extremely offensive language and saying things about me personally. They said they knew where my family lived.”

Here’s the episode where Bashir whipped out his green card to silence the rabid Palin fans:

Tea Party candidates love to take refuge in “gotcha” journalism and accusing every single non-Fox reporter of being “far left”. This allows them to not answer questions about their previous statements while making it easy to explain criticism and facts. Their followers are duped enough to fall for it every time, and come out swinging for their alleged persecuted Chosen candidate.

It’s getting old, but it’s still an effective strategy, as evidenced by CNN reporters apologizing for being shoved by Bachmann’s camp and claiming they didn’t ask any “gotcha” questions. This is what democracy looks like? Only for the Tea Party.

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