Sarah Palin’s Pretend Presidential Campaign Releases Iowa Video

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Sarah Palin escalated her pretend presidential campaign today by releasing a video that claimed contrary to all the evidence presented via videos and polls that Iowa loves Sarah Palin.

Here is the video:

Of course the reaction of Sean Hannity’s instantaneous Iowa State Fair poll question, do you want Sarah Palin to get into this race tells the real story:

Another key indicator of how much distaste there is for a Palin presidential run in Iowa was the We Ask America poll that asked Iowa Republicans who they least wanted to see win the GOP nomination. The person who Iowa Republicans least wanted to see win the 2012 nomination was Sarah Palin at 25%. Newt Gingrich was second with 16%. John Huntsman was third at 14%, and Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann were tied for fourth at 12%.

The same poll also asked Iowa Republicans who they wanted to see win the nomination. Rick Perry was first at 29%. He was followed by Michele Bachmann at 17% and Mitt Romney at 15%. Sarah Palin finished third from the bottom with 7%. Only Rick Santorum (4%) and Jon Huntsman (1%) had less support.

Despite what Sarah Palin’s propaganda video is trying to sell you, the crowd reaction and polling data suggest that Iowa Republicans want no part of a Palin 2012 campaign. Republicans may like Sarah Palin, but they don’t want to see her run for president or win the nomination. Palin’s Iowa video really wasn’t about running for president anyway. The video was made to keep the tease going. Sarah Palin is trying to milk every last dime out of her fans, because she knows that her cash cow will flee to greener pastures as soon as she doesn’t run for president.

Sarah Palin can release all the videos she wants. It doesn’t change the fact that she still has no money, no campaign organization, and no campaign staff. Palin is still taking speaking engagements into October. Sarah Palin’s September 3rd tea party event did have to be moved to a bigger venue in Iowa, but don’t confuse people who will go see her for free with actual supporters who would vote for her.

Sarah Palin stopped being taken seriously as a politician when she quit on Alaska, but in our celebrity obsessed culture people will often turn out to get a free eyeful of someone famous. The scam is over, Sarah. She can preen and posture all she wants, but without running a serious political campaign, Sarah Palin is nothing more than a relic of failed elections past.

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