Christine O’Donnell Accuses Piers Morgan Of Being A Sexist

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We reported here this morning about Christine O’Donnell’s disastrous appearance on Piers Morgan, fleeing his questions as a cockroach flees the light. She ran from Piers Morgan and right over to the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) where she knew she would get some love, where she knew she could advertise her martyrdom at the hands of the evil liberal media elite.

CBN says “Beltway Buzz asked O’Donnell, why did you walk out?” Good question. At the time she told Piers Morgan that she was leaving because he wasn’t letting her talk about what she wanted to talk about. Now that she’s had some time to think about it, she’s decided that the reason she walked out was because his questions were “sexist”, “sleazy” and “inappropriate.”

Apparently it’s okay for Christine O’Donnell to tell the world she doesn’t believe in masturbation but it’s not alright for a journalist to ask her about it.

Watch the video from CBN:

O’Donnnell: I think Piers Morgan has exaggerated what happened there. First of all because we went well over the time that was allotted and I was over a half-hour late for a speaking event so first of all I’m getting a wrap-up and he’s not stopping. But not just that. The line of questions that Piers Morgan was taking was very sexist. He was talking about sex and going to an area that was completely inappropriate. And fortunately many people saw that.

She went on to say “I wouldn’t answer the sleazy questions he was asking.” She informs us that she “was letting him know look I’m not in my twenties on MTV anymore. I don’t want to go there, and he wouldn’t let up and was frankly being rude.” She had previously called his line of questioning “borderline sexual harassment.”

In the end, it was all his fault: “Piers needs rating so he tries to say ‘she stormed off set.’”

Now she’s very glad it happened this way because even liberals have told her Piers was being sexist.

There, O’Donnell the martyr, O’Donnell the vindicated. All it takes is a friendly interview that lets O’Donnell say what she wants to say without any hard questions. See how easy that was, Piers Morgan?

James Fallows, National Correspondent for The Atlantic and Jimmy Carter’s former speechwriter, told Morgan on CNN that he isn’t buying that. He thinks Christine O’Donnell panicked when she walked off the show.

He thinks she doesn’t have her “sea legs” yet and she suffered a resultant “loss of composure.” Morgan, for his part, pointed out that she has offered several different explanations for her departure. As Fallows pointed out, she had available better methods of disengaging herself from an unwanted line of questioning.

CBN asks, “What’s next for Christine O’Donnell?” O’Donnell’s answer is:

“Everyone keeps asking, ‘Are you going run again? As I say in the book, the times before I’ve usually been like, ‘No I’m not going to run.’ And then your heart starts to change. You pray about it and you realize, ‘Oops, you know, maybe God has something else for me,” she replied.

And why not. First he told her to be a witch and then he told her to tell us she was one of us, even though she is pretty freaking far from the rest of us. So who knows what she thinks he told her. I suppose we will find out soon enough. Who knows what the story will be then?

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