Dispelling Rick Perry and Mitt Romney’s Lies About Obama And The Economy

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It is normal for people to have nostalgia for times in their lives that had special meaning and it is particularly true of Americans trying to survive in an economy that Republican malfeasance has devastated. It is also true for conservatives who long for the America where Christian white males controlled every aspect of the country and minorities were oppressed as second-class citizens. Republicans yearn to return to frontier days when guns, god, and gold were the most important aspects of life and communication was limited to the telegraph or Pony Express where news arrived a week after an event occurred. During those glorious days, citizens depended on men to accurately report a politician’s words and deeds making it nearly impossible to discern the veracity of published stories. It is apparent that Republicans not only yearn to return to the 1700’s, but many politicians still think they can make outrageous statements without anyone checking to see if they are lying or telling the truth. Well, it is 2011 and there is instant news reporting and the Internet that allows anyone the ability to verify or refute a politician’s statements.

In the past two days, the Republicans seeking their party’s nomination for president have made erroneous statements about the economy and the way President Obama is handling it. It is normal for Republicans to lie about the president, but they apparently forget that there are volumes of data to check the veracity of their statements and they also fail to acknowledge that any American over the age of four remembers that it was the Bush-Republicans who sent the economy to the brink of a Depression; not President Obama. Rick Perry and Mitt Romney both made fallacious statements about the president’s handling of the economy, and they were either misinformed (which is highly unlikely), or were telling outright lies. Both Republicans have made some outlandish accusations and criticisms, but there are two or three that stand out and it is easy to discern the veracity of their statements.

Romney and Perry said that Americans are tired of three years of rising taxes, and that no jobs being created prohibited Americans from prospering as well as causing the horrible economy. Romney in particular said that President Obama has not been working to create jobs for the past three years. First, President Obama began his term in January of 2009 making the “three years” remark a lie from the start. Perry said that Americans are being suffocated from three years of rising taxes and again, the president has only been in office for a little over two-and-a-half years. Both men said that Obama has not created any jobs for three years causing the economic quagmire the country is experiencing.

The Republican’s nonsense about three years of rising taxes does not really warrant an answer, but it comes from the teabaggers who claimed in 2009 that they were “taxed enough already.”  In 2009 the tax rate teabaggers complained about were for the tax year 2008 when President Obama was a Senator; not the president. In fact, President Obama reduced taxes in 2009 making teabaggers liars like their heroes Perry and Romney. The entire country’s taxes are the lowest they’ve been in 53 years, so where this drivel about three years of rising taxes comes from is anyone’s guess. The president has not let the Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthy expire because Republicans held unemployment extensions hostage in return for keeping their rich donors happy and it has cost the president dearly with his supporters.   Taxes have not risen for three years but if they had, the country’s economy would be on much sounder footing.

Both of the lying Republicans said that the president has not helped to create any jobs for Americans. Last week, it was reported that in 2010 alone, President Obama created at least 1.1 million jobs eclipsing Bush’s entire 8 years in office when only 1 million jobs were created. Democrats and the president attempted to eliminate tax breaks and incentives for corporations that outsourced Americans’ jobs, but Republicans blocked the legislation to protect the corporations that pay no taxes on foreign income. The president and Democrats also attempted to pass some jobs bills that gave tax credits and incentives to businesses that hired new employees, but the Republicans obstructed those measures. What Perry and Romney did not talk about were the Republicans’ Draconian spending cuts that killed millions of jobs and prompted the illustrious Speaker of the House to say, “so be it;” showing the GOP’s lack of concern about creating jobs; or in the case of the spending cuts, maintaining existing jobs.

What is most aggravating and the biggest lie is that the sluggish economy is President Obama’s fault. The economy took a perilous dive during the Bush Administration because the deregulation frenzy Republicans were on allowed banks and Wall Street to engage in questionable practices involving sub-prime mortgages and derivative trading that devastated the entire world’s economy. Fortunately for investors and working Americans alike who lost 40-50% of their retirement and savings accounts during the market crash of 2007-2008, Democrats and President Obama passed banking and financial reforms to prevent future crashes. Republicans obstructed and attempted to block the financial reforms, but the president prevailed and yet the Republicans want to repeal those consumer protections so the financial sector can repeat the market crash again.

The other recurring theme Perry and Romney parrot to whoever will listen is that the nation’s debt is solely from President Obama. President Obama has added to the nation’s debt, but it was to create the stimulus that has helped the economy and created jobs for Americans. It was the Bush-Republicans who borrowed money for Bush’s two unnecessary wars, tax cuts for the wealthy, and an expensive Medicare prescription plan. The wars alone will end up costing over $3 trillion and that does not count the cost in lives of our soldiers or the staggering expense to care for the wounded for the rest of their lives. Plus, the interest on the borrowed money will continue accruing and adding to the debt just so Bush could send our troops on his Crusade to kill innocent Muslims. It is possible that Perry and Romney forget exactly who destroyed the economy, but Americans do not and in case they do, there are volumes of data to remind them it was not Barack Obama, but the Bush-Republicans who are campaigning to return to the same failed policies that put this nation’s economy in such peril.

The Republicans have tried to block, repeal, and undo everything the president has attempted to help the economy including the stimulus that saved the automobile industry and created 1.1 million jobs. Now the Republicans running for president are blaming their party’s record malfeasance and job-killing actions on the man who is really creating jobs and saving the economy. Their lies may play well to their individual bases, but not to Americans who remember why the economy is in such a quagmire.

The Republicans’ lies will only get worse over time because they lack the ability to ever tell the truth; especially when the truth portrays them as responsible for the lack of jobs and state of the economy. It has been over seven months since Republicans took control of the House, and despite their promises to create jobs, they have been the ultimate job-killers.  They have also hurt the economy with their hostage-taking over the debt ceiling and based on the latest Gallup poll, only 13% of Americans approve of their actions that certainly contributed to the S&P credit downgrade that is causing more economic damage.

The act of blaming someone else for your party’s behavior  is typical of criminals, and for Romney and Perry to blame President Obama for something the Bush-Republicans did is beyond campaign rhetoric; it is lying and criminal. The both know that ignorant Americans and racists want to believe anything bad about the president and they will never concede he has done an incredible job given the circumstances. The only glimmer of hope is that when people hear Romney and Perry’s pack of lies, they will either go check the facts or at least remember what happened just a few years ago. However, it seems Republican supporters are either stupid or liars themselves and will never give President Obama any credit for the progress he has made in spite of Republican obstruction and job-killing. There are still 14.5 months until the 2012 elections and at the rate the Republicans are already lying, it is going to be a long dishonest Republican campaign. Hopefully, Americans are smart enough to see through the lies but even if they do, it will never stop the liars in the Republican presidential race.

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