Sex Tape Star Gene Simmons Loves Republican Porn Pusher Rick Perry

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Talk about family values. Today Fox News championed noted philanderer and sex tape star Gene Simmons’ Twitter prediction that GOP presidential candidate/porn investor Rick Perry will be elected president.

Here is the video from Media Matters:

Fox and Friends, a show that normally goes out of their way to attack any celebrity who takes a position that differs from the GOP, hyped Gene Simmons’ tweets:

Gretchen Carlson said, “Usually sometimes celebrities put themselves into politics and sometimes we say, ah not again, but when they make predictions sometimes it’s worth noting. So let’s talk about KISS front man Gene Simmons. He has been on this show before, and he says he has made the correct call for president the last at least four times. He now says it’s a done deal. Rick Perry will be president in 2012.”

Eric Bolling asked if they had fact checked Gene Simmons, and Brian Kilmeade answered no. (Of course not, this is Fox News and he took a pro-Republican position. C’mon Bolling, get with the program). Kilmeade then damned Simmons with the faintest of praise, “The thing is. Gene Simmons is very confident in himself. He is also very bright. He researches his stuff. He watches the news. He might even be watching now with makeup.”

When Brian Kilmeade calls anyone bright and well researched that should send up a big red flag, and also indicate that Gene Simmons should be tested right away for possible brain damage.

Fox News is trumpeting the prediction of a man who had a sex tape released, and instead of denying it complained that something from his past had resurfaced. Most likely Gene was upset because he didn’t have a chance to slap a KISS logo on it and sell it for $29.95 like he does with everything else that isn’t nailed downed. Gene Simmons has also claimed to have had sex with nearly 5,000 women, and has been a serial cheater on his longtime girlfriend Shannon Tweed.

All of this gets over looked by family values touting Fox News, because Simmons predicted that the Republican flavor of the week, Rick Perry is going to defeat President Obama. It makes perfect sense that Simmons would think that Perry is presidential material. After all, Perry had no personal qualms about investing what at the time was the nation’s largest distributor of porn.

As my esteemed colleague Sarah Jones reported,

Rick Perry, God’s Chosen to pray Texas into prosperity, invested as a private citizen in Movie Gallery corporation to the tune of between 5-10k according to his 1995 personal financial reports. Movie Gallery was, at that time, the largest distributor of porn in America, and able to sell and rent regular videos for much cheaper than the competition due to their heady porn profit. The ultra conservative American Family Association (AFA), a self-described “Christian organization promoting the biblical ethic of decency in American society with primary emphasis on TV and other media” known for “(i)nitiating, encouraging Christian Activism,” but also now an officially designated hate group according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, begged the government to investigate Movie Gallery.

This is a match made in heaven. Gene Simmons makes porn. Rick Perry invests in its distribution. All the while Fox News continues to merrily march along screaming family values, and attacking SpongeBob.

None of this is a surprise, because as we all know Republican family values don’t actually extend to either the family, or apparently the back room at Movie Gallery.

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