Working Class Hero Elizabeth Warren Forms Exploratory Committee

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Being reported today by the Boston Globe, Elizabeth Warren is filing her paperwork to form an exploratory committee to run for the U.S Senate against the pin-up boy model, Senator Scott Brown.

Her website is, “I think this was always part of the plan,” said Doug Rubin, a Democratic political consultant helping Warren with her pre-campaign analysis. “The whole point is for her to engage with people and listen to their concerns. This just allows her to do more of that.”

I just met with Ms. Warren yesterday and I came away with the feeling that she is truly Middle Class America’s Senator. Originally from Oklahoma, Elizabeth Warren has a great and compelling personal story to tell to the people of Massachusetts. As a child she experienced something all too many people today are experiencing today. That is whether a child is sick enough to endure going to the doctors and accumulating medical bills. That was one of the many hard decisions her mother had to make as she was growing up.

This brings a sense of empathy to exactly what is happening to the people within middle class America. This is something Senator Scott Brown doesn’t have. Although Scott Brown was raised by a mother on public assistance, he has forgotten where he came from and what made his success possible, which is the helping hand from government assistance. Senator Scott Brown has voted time and time again against the interests of regular, ordinary Americans who are struggling. He voted AGAINST extending unemployment assistance if it added to the debt.

Instead he wanted to use unspent stimulus money to fund unemployment extensions. REALLY! If we used that unspent stimulus money to fund projects and getting the unemployed working, isn’t that more productive than using the stimulus money to fund unemployment? PENNY WISE, DOLLAR FOOLISH!

As I was listening to Elizabeth Warren the other day, she has an in depth knowledge of the inner workings of Wall Street and finances. This gives her a clear advantage against Scott Brown, who receives most of his campaign money from Wall Street. Clearly he has a different look at the problem as it is filtered through the lens of greenbacks.

The one statement that REALLY stuck in my mind as I spoke with her was regarding the state of the economy and the debt. She said, “If your home’s roof has a big gaping hole in it, you fix it, even if it means going into debt.” she went onto say that if we don’t fix it, the extended damage to your home would be devastating.

After your roof is fixed, then you pay off your debt you needed to incur to fix the damage. This recession was not caused by government spending, it was caused by deregulation and lack of GOOD police on the job. I say good police, because the SEC is FILLED with former Wall Street insiders, essentially Wall Street is regulating itself through the SEC.

When I say GOOD police, I mean the Bureau that Elizabeth Warren formulated, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau! I say if Wall Street doesn’t like it, it MUST be good for the American people.

Just as proof that she is an extremely formidable opponent to Scott Brown, the Massachusetts GOP issued a statement calling her a militant liberal. A MILITANT? They should know. They supported Karl Rove and Dick Cheney.

Elizabeth Warren has filed the papers necessary to bring America middle class back to the forefront of our national discussion and work to protect Main Street not Wall Street. Here is her website again, if you would like to visit it.

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