Rick Perry Hearts NAFTA And Wants Mexican Truckers On American Roads

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Everyone has finally come to their senses regarding NAFTA. The North American Free trade Agreement was supposed to increase jobs etc. All it did was open the doors for multinational corporation like Ford, GE, and others to fly south of the border and find cheap labor. The giant sucking sound, headed south.

NAFTA has absolutely killed entire cities throughout the United States. It has thrown millions of people out of work, and has caused many of our communities to collapse under financial stress, due to lack of a broad tax base.

There are still those hard line free traders a.k.a. free marketers out there who believe that NAFTA was a great agreement for the United States. One of those hard lined people is the Governor of Texas and Republican candidate for President, Rick Perry.

In a speech regarding his state’s version of the controversial DREAM ACT back in 2001, where children of illegal immigrants are able to receive in state tuition, he stated,

With Texas serving as the Gateway to Mexico, it is time that we receive congressional funding that reflects the instrumental role our state plays as a port of entry. With a Texan in the White House, I believe there is no greater opportunity to end the funding discrimination that crippled Texas infrastructure under the previous administration.

Good infrastructure is essential to the free flow of commerce. It is a matter of economic fact that free trade lifts the tide for all the boats in the harbor. U.S. trade with Mexico has increased by 500% since 1994. Exports and imports between Texas and Mexico now exceed $100 billion dollars annually. Thousands of jobs have been created for Texas and Mexican workers, confirming the indisputable fact that trade with Mexico is big business for Texas.

The fruits of NAFTA have just begun to ripen. At the same time, we must not allow the roots of the tree to become poisoned. The NAFTA agreement not only signaled a new era of economic possibility, but a new era of bi-national cooperation.

That is why it is wrong, and inherently detrimental to our relationship with Mexico for the U.S. Congress to pursue a protectionist policy that forbids Mexican trucks from U.S. roadways. It is bad public policy, and it violates the terms of the NAFTA agreement we agreed to. Mexican trucks that meet our safety standards should be given the same access to U.S. roads as our Canadian neighbors to the north.

So if you are a truck driver, President Rick Perry would open our borders to Mexican companies to deliver into your neighborhood and take American truckers jobs. Sounds like a plan, right?

He goes on to say,

“President Fox’s vision for an open border is a vision I embrace, as long as we demonstrate the will to address the obstacles to it. An open border means poverty has given way to opportunity, and Mexico’s citizens do not feel compelled to cross the border to find that opportunity.”

Rick Perry is claiming to be the jobs Governor, I hope America wakes up!

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