Fox News Accuses Obama Of Ripping Off Sarah Palin’s Bus Tour Idea

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On The O’Reilly Factor tonight Monica Crowley claimed that President Obama is ripping off Sarah Palin’s bus tour idea, without mentioning the fact that Obama has been doing bus tours since 2007.

Here is the video from Media Matters:

First Alan Colmes got in a nice about dig about Palin, “I’m surprised Sarah Palin isn’t following him in her bus like she does every other event, before she quits her bus tour like she just quit the Iowa tour, but she should be in the bus behind like she goes to the events and tries to suck all the oxygen out, so where’s she?”

Monica Crowley then said, “By the way this bus tour is derivative of Sarah Palin’s bus tour. He ripped her off.”

Colmes replied, “Oh yeah, he’s copying Sarah Palin, right.”

How soon they forget over at Fox News. On December 15, 2007, then candidate Barack Obama launched a bus tour of Iowa. In March 2008, candidate Obama embarked on a bus tour through Pennsylvania. On August 29, 2008, Barack Obama and Joe Biden embarked on a bus tour of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. August 29 also happens to be the same day that John McCain introduced the Palin virus into our political eco-system.

While Sarah Palin was playing the part of the Unknown Governor in Alaska, Barack Obama was out riding the bus and talking to the American people. Of course, the modern American political bus tour can trace its origins back to JFK’s bus tour of West Virginia in 1960, but ever since the automobile replaced the horse and buggy politicians have gone on bus tours.

The notion that anyone is ripping anyone else off is just plain silly, but Fox News personalities have to say something to justify the fact that Roger Ailes essentially piled up a million dollars in the middle of the room and set It on fire when he hired Sarah Palin. Never has a million dollars bought so little as when Fox News brought Sarah Palin on board.

The only way Obama could have ever copied Palin’s bus tour is if he would have quit after the first speaking engagement, then issued a press release letting everyone know that the bus tour was on “haitus.”

There is no comparison between Barack Obama and Sarah Palin. As the President of the United States, Obama is the most powerful man in the world. Sarah Palin is a washed up has been half term governor who couldn’t handle the pressure of Alaska politics.

It is not only an insult to Obama, but also an insult to bus tours when they are mentioned in the same sentence with Sarah Palin.

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