He’s Alive! On Anniversary of His Death Michele Bachmann Wishes Elvis Happy Birthday

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While campaigning in South Carolina today, Michele Bachmann wished Elvis a happy birthday on the 34th anniversary of his death.

Here is the video from WCNC in Charlotte:

Bachmann said, “Happy birthday. We played you a little bit of promise land when we pulled up. You can’t do better than Elvis Presley. We thought we’d celebrate his birthday as we get started to celebrating Take Our Country back tour. Because I’m here to announce in Spartanburg, South Carolina, we are going to make Barack Obama a one term president.”

The only problem is that today isn’t Elvis Presley’s birthday. It is actually the 34th anniversary of the day he died. Presley’s birthday is listed as January 8, 1935. This is Bachmann latest in a line of celebrity related gaffes. The day she announced her campaign she confused John Wayne and serial killer John Wayne Gacy.

These sorts of mistakes make a candidate look sloppy and bad. They feed into the popular perception that Bachmann is at best a bit of a flake. At worst, she may be mentally ill. From a practical political point of view these sorts of mistakes represent a lack of attention to detail and preparedness. These are not the mistakes of a well-oiled candidate or campaign.

Bachmann claims to love Elvis just like she loves fiscal conservatism. Unfortunately, she seems to know very little about both. We all know Michele Bachmann loves a good conspiracy theory. Heck, her whole political career is based on pushing them. Maybe she knows something we don’t? Did she say Happy Birthday to The King on purpose?

Does Michele Bachmann think Elvis is still alive?

Michele Bachmann once claimed that the Census was evil and filling out the form would lead to conservatives being hauled off to internment camps, so it would surprise no one if she thought the King of Rock and Roll was alive and kicking.

She may be a gaffe machine, but least Michele Bachmann can be certain of Elvis’ vote.

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