Obama Turns the Tables on the GOP’s ObamaCare Slur

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Today, speaking in Cannon Falls, Minnesota, President Obama said its OK with him if Republicans want to call it “ObamaCare” because he does care. He then called it “ObamaCares”, which my readers know has been my label for his healthcare reform law for years. The President pointed out that if the Republicans want to be known as those who “don’t care”, that’s fine with him. Oh dear. That’s not going to fly with the Republicans, whose school yard bully tactics and name-calling only work if the President and America buys into their frame. Obama made it cool to care. Someone has to pay now.

And who always gets it when Republicans get egg on their face? The woman; America. Take that, America! You refuse to die, and the Republicans are not going to take your insolence anymore!

Obama was talking about medical marijuana and prescription drug coverage when he mentioned his feeling on the term Obamacare,

The costs have been going up and up and up, so part of the Affordable Care Act healthcare reform also known as Obamacare, by the way let me tell you, I have no problem with folks saying Obamacares. I do care. If the other side wants to be the folks who don’t care, that’s fine with me. But yeah, I do care about families who have been struggling due to crushing healthcare costs.

We recall that Republicans, disappointed by their failure to destroy the economy, were mulling over the possibility of using their pledge to defund healthcare reform as excuse to shut down government before they grabbed a hold of the debt ceiling issue and reframed it as a deficit issue.

In order to be against everything that benefits Americans, the Republicans turn this around to claim that they are taking the moral high ground by not being intimidated by the imminent destruction a government shut down would create by refusing to vote for bad policy. See? They are the hostage, not the hostage takers! They shouldn’t be forced to vote for bad policy. Certainly no Democrat would allow the economy to take precedence over their values and beliefs.

Oh, wait.

Unemployment benefits extended by giving in on extending the Bush tax cuts. No revenue for the sake of raising the debt ceiling (never before was the deficit attached to raising the debt ceiling). Healthcare insurance reform instead of universal healthcare. Etc. Perhaps this argument works best if we ignore reality.

Republicans shouldn’t have to compromise for their country, for you, for the economy, or anything else. After all, they are RIGHT. And if you don’t understand that, you need only ask God, who stands sentry at their corporate funded legislation parties. We all know that God did not want the poor to have healthcare. We know this because the Republicans tell us it is so. Who are you to question the divine interpretation of the Bible? What? You say there’s separation of church and state here? Not on our watch, you Godless heathen liberal Marxist scum. USA! USA! USA!

In March, Roll Call reported:

Repeal and defunding efforts have made headway in the House, but they have been blocked by the Democratic majority in the Senate. Conservative Reps. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) and Steve King (R-Iowa) have criticized House leadership for not pushing harder by attaching a partial repeal to short-term continuing resolutions that have been enacted to avoid a government shutdown.

Conservative Sen. Jim DeMint said he expects Republican leaders to stand firm on trying to defund the health care law as the House and Senate negotiate a continuing resolution that would cover spending for the remainder of the fiscal year, even if Democrats vow not to support it and a partial shutdown ensues.

“I think you’ll see in the permanent CR for the balance of the year that Republican leaders will hold firm on no funding for Obamacare,” the South Carolina Republican said. “We haven’t won the battle obviously, and as long as it’s law, we’re playing on [Obama’s] turf.”

DeMint said a shutdown threat, which he dismissed as a “slowdown,” shouldn’t deter the GOP. “My opinion is that we should not be so afraid of a government slowdown that we vote for bad policy or too much spending, so that’s a decision everybody’s going to have to make in the next couple of weeks,” he said.

Ah, so it’s a “slowdown” not a “shutdown”! Now that we have a bit of perspective, we note that this was coming from the folks who swore that failing to increase the debt ceiling wouldn’t impact our economy even as the market TANKED in fear of their ideological marriage to the Korporate Kings. Hence, this is less comforting than perhaps Senator DeMint intended. Even Wall Street is now begging for revenues because Wall Street understands how business works, even though the Republicans are pretending that they don’t.

Can you imagine Warren Buffet writing a book about how you can get rich by never producing any revenues? So much for the Republican meme that running this country is akin to running a business. This is a failed analogy on so many points, not the least of which that government is supposed to take care of the things that a business operating for profit would not. But apparently now, even if their meme worked, they would still destroy this country because they think businesses can operate and be successful without revenue, which is like laying everyone off and moving your business into a cardboard box without internet or phone in order to cut spending, but never making a sale.

That’s the cool think about hostage taking, you know? Once you’ve proven you are successful, that terrorism works, you just keep on at it. There’s really no situation you can’t turn into a hostage taking situation! With one hand holding a gun aimed at the teetering Bush recession economy, Republicans grab a hold of the nearest issue and demand we all give Grover Norquist and the good folks at ALEC their way or else!

Let this be a lesson to everyone: Stop fighting the Republicans and just let them have their way. Bow down to them as the Supreme Beings before things get super ugly. This is called “patriotism” no matter what that snotty, liberal elite thug of a teacher told you in high school.

And who, after all, wants a President who cares about the majority of Americans? Must kill ObamaCares in the name of liberty!

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