Meet Rick Perry, The Anti-Constitutionalist Who Wants To Be Your President

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Any organization or government requires a set of rules to ensure uniformity of operation and to maintain at least a semblance of order. America’s Constitution is the set of rules that preserve order and guarantee consistency of governance on the national and state level and without it, the country would break down into a feudal society of 50 separate tribes similar to the lawless areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Every politician in America swears an oath to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States,” and it does not matter if they are the president or the governor of Texas. The current governor of Texas, Rick Perry, swore to god to preserve, protect, and defend the U.S. and Texas Constitution but he has not fulfilled that oath and it calls into question his fitness to govern at any level. The people of Texas may worship a politician who breaks his oath of office, but it shows that as well as being a liar, he is a traitor to his country. Now, the oath-breaker has announced his candidacy to be president and along with Michele Bachmann, is the co-leader for worst person in America to lead this nation.

Perry has come out in opposition to at least two Constitutional amendments and called them mistakes even though both were legally passed. Mr. Perry objects to 17th Amendment that allows citizens to vote for senators instead of being appointed by a state’s legislature. Whether Perry does not trust Americans to choose their representatives, or believes it is better for politicians to choose senators is not important; it is his lack of support for the Constitution that is extremely problematic. Perry said that the 17th Amendment was part of a “fit of populist rage” to change the way senators were elected.

He also claimed the 16th Amendment is wrong because “the American people mistakenly empowered the federal government by giving it an unlimited source of income.” All conservatives hate taxation, but they love their military and with income tax that accounts for 45% of the nation’s income, it is questionable where the funds would come from to support the military much less the federal government without revenue. Perry also said Social Security and Medicare are unconstitutional even though both of those programs are funded by working Americans for retirement and healthcare in their old age. He has proposed that Texas be allowed to opt out of Social Security and Medicare programs that would deprive Texas workers of their retirement they paid into their entire working lives and it is a wonder the citizens of Texas don’t impeach him for attempted robbery.

The problem with politicians like Perry who do not support the Constitution is that in repeal frenzy, they will change the very nature of our country if given the opportunity. If Perry does not like the Constitution, why does he support a Constitutional Amendment to ban gay marriage? It is because he is driven by his religious extremism that prefers the bible as the law of the land instead of the Constitution. Perry supported Texas’ anti-sodomy laws and when the Supreme Court struck down the law in 2003, he said the law was “appropriate” and the decision was the “result of nine oligarchs in robes.” To show his blatant disregard for the law and the court’s ruling, he supported the Texas legislature when they refused to remove the law from its books.

There is an incredible danger with any candidate who opposes the Constitution, but especially when the candidate or politician is a devout evangelical maniac like Perry. There are speakers travelling around the country proposing the notion that the first amendment does not really prohibit the establishment of a state religion and Perry is a subscriber to the wildly popular idea that America is a Christian nation. In fact, in Texas, the school textbook committee has manipulated historical facts to deny the 1st Amendment’s prohibition on a state religion in spite of the text in the document. If a governor like Perry does not approve of the Constitution he should resign, but he has proffered a different scenario that is historically disastrous.

Perry floated the idea that if the federal government does not stop enforcing federal laws like collection of income tax, environmental protections, or implementation of the health law, then Texas should secede from the Union. Whether Perry is intelligent enough to recall the history of the Civil War or not is questionable, but insinuating a state can just leave is treason. Over 148 years ago, the nation fought its bloodiest conflict that claimed the lives of over 500,000 Americans because Southern states failed to support the Constitution. Now that Perry has announced he is officially seeking the nomination for president, the public deserves to know that he will not support or preserve the Constitution in its present form.

Rick Perry is a liar and a traitor who cannot be trusted to run a fast-food restaurant much less the state of Texas or the country and it is not only his abhorrence of the Constitution that should concern every citizen in America. His record in Texas is anything but stellar and he has been in the middle of every outrage in that poor, misguided state. Asking Texans to pray for rain and to solve the nation’s economic problems is the least of his dysfunction.  In Texas 37% of workers earn at or below the minimum wage, and Perry has personally removed handicapped and disadvantaged children from the S-CHIP program so he could funnel the money to other programs favorable to his partners and donors. He deliberately allowed an innocent man to be executed, and Texas has the highest rate of uninsured people in the nation.

To hear Perry tell the story, his leadership in Texas has made the state a paradise, but it is the biggest polluter and has the highest carbon dioxide emissions in the nation. He signed into law, as emergency legislation, the requirement that women undergo vaginal probing before getting an abortion (even in the case of rape); the law forced physicians to provide an image of the fetus and make the woman listen to the sound of its heartbeat. There are myriad outrages Perry has been a party to in Texas, and as time goes on, Americans will get a taste of what the man anointed by god to be president has wrought on his state. He cannot be allowed to wreak havoc on the entire country, but the main-stream-media will hardly be purveyors of truth and transparency in exposing a maniac like Perry.

The notion of a President Perry should frighten the life out of every thinking American for myriad reasons, but two that stand out are his religious inclinations and his hatred for our country’s Constitution. The conservative-Christian cult will cheer his entrance into the race because they are looking for a preacher-in-chief who will change the secular government into a theocracy and abolish taxes completely. The amount of support Perry will garner is further proof that America is devolving into a second-rate nation of malcontents and religious fanatics that will, in a short span of time, destroy the freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution and put a majority of the population in poverty. However, for a man like Perry who lied when he swore to his god to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution, sending millions of Americans into poverty and denying them their Constitutional freedoms is just the beginning of a very dark time in America’s history.

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