Marcus Bachmann Can’t Cure The Gay Or The Rage

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Don Lemon Attacked by Bachmann Camp

So this is how they do it. This is how Tea Party candidates roll. They have a throng of violent “protectors” like Joe Miller’s brownshirts who abuse reporters in the name of “securing” their candidate. Or like Rand Paul’s “supporters” who beat up a young, small woman, stomping on her head because she carried a protest sign. Now we have Michele Bachmann’s camp, for the second time in less than a month, shoving and elbowing reporters.

I believe these are the same folks who call union members (teachers, firefighters, police, etc) “thugs”.

Try not to let the projection cause you to laugh in their face; I hear laughter is the first sign of you threatening their “candidate”. You are no longer allowed to ask polite questions of Tea Party candidates. We can thank John McCain’s people for starting this with their “Sarah Palin won’t be taking any questions until the media shows her deference” duck and cover for their VP candidate’s incompetence and inability to answer questions.

What to do when you can’t handle your job? Well, if you’re a Tea Party candidate, you blame the media for “gotcha” questions and then have your brownshirts attack the reporters. This not only gets you out of answering any questions, but teaches reporters not to mess with you in the future. Nothing says democracy like intimidating and accosting the free press.

CNN anchor Don Lemon explains how he got elbowed and pushed by Bachmann’s people AND her husband. Yes, Marcus Bachmann, the “therapist” who cures the gay, apparently can’t cure the rage. Perhaps he ought to look into anger management classes. Oh, but anger is the entire shtick, so that wouldn’t leave them with much. At one point, Lemon was pushed into a cart where he hit his head. Now, clearly he deserved that for having the temerity to ask a question of the Chosen Bachmann. And here you were worried about the justice system if Bachmann or one of her counterparts gets their way and turns this into a Christian nation ruled by their version of the Old Testament. Only the BAD PEOPLE will bite it. See?

Here’s the Bachmann camp being persecuted for assault (they are allowed to elbow you, but you are not allowed to ask them questions. Hello, justice and liberty!):


….Moments later, as she tried to exit the area back to a waiting drive cart, Bachmann found herself in the middle of a mob of people: among them many supporters and members of the press including this reporter and CNN anchor Don Lemon.

As both CNN staffers tried to question Bachmann, Lemon said he was pushed by two members of Bachmann’s staff. Lemon also said that Marcus Bachmann, the congresswoman’s husband, pushed him.

“She came out, after speaking for just a couple minutes,” Lemon said. “There were other reporters and cameras there. And I asked her very respectful questions: ‘How do you think you did in the debate last night?’ and ‘How do you think you’re going to end up in the Ames Straw Poll?’ And her two campaign aides started elbowing me.”

Lemon continued: “I told them, asked them not to elbow me. And then her husband Marcus started doing the same thing. And then he elbowed me into the cart. And I said, ‘You just pushed me into the cart.’ And he goes, ‘No, you did it yourself.’
“It was just, I don’t know, why they would choose to do that. We weren’t asking any ‘gotcha’ questions,” Lemon added.

It’s typical for presidential candidates, especially ones as popular as Bachmann, to wind up in a crush of supporters and reporters at campaign events. But Friday’s episode was unusual.

“Unusual” is apparently the new “batsh*t crazy”. The Bachmann camp says they were just trying to protect her (from what? Questions?). Heavens, will the attacks on good “conservative Christians” never end? Come on, lamestream media! Get it together. Stop asking questions, or else!

We will not even mention that this particular reporter asked to be elbowed by being a double sinner (gay and black). Who, pray tell, is going to enlighten him that he was better off as a slave? We will leave that to our betters at the Bachmann Clinic. Surely our federal tax dollars can find no worthier cause than to stop free Americans from being free to be physically assaulted for doing their constitutionally protected job.

Don’t tread on us, America, or the reporter gets it!

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