Iowa Publicity Stunt Fail: Sarah Palin Gets Super Congress Wrong

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Another Sarah Palin publicity stunt has blown up in her face as while in Iowa, Palin got the number of members of Congress on the Super Congress wrong.

Here is the video:

Sarah Palin was asked on Hannity about the “Super Congress” and this is what she had to say,

I’ll bet you, you can go out here and you can find 10 members of any Iowa farming family, and ask them what are the common sense solutions that we need in order to make the cuts in the federal government, and in order to get the economic engine, our small businesses to be able to get up and running and grow and thrive and hire more people. You ask any 10 members out here and they can probably give you a better idea than those 10 members of the commission. You know why, Sean?…Because those 10 committee members, these members of Congress have been part of the problem not part of the solution. I say it with all due respect to those who are willing to serve in public office, but dog gone it, no more politics as usual.

The number is 12. There are twelve members of Congress on the debt commission. I am sure that some people are going to forgive this as another Palin slip of the tongue, but she said it four times. She didn’t just get it wrong once and move on. Nope, she said it over, and over, over, and over again. In case Sarah Palin or any of her few dwindling fans want to argue about how many members there are on the so called Super Congress, here is the list:

Democratic Senators:

Patty Murray of Washington
John Kerry of Massachusetts
Max Baucus of Montana

Republican Senators:

Jon Kyl of Arizona
Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania
Rob Portman of Ohio

Republican House members:

Jeb Hensarling of Texas
Dave Camp of Michigan
Fred Upton of Michigan

Democratic House members:

James Clyburn of South Carolina
Xavier Becerra of California
Chris Van Hollen of Maryland

Sarah Palin made her bus trip to Iowa, not to hype any potential presidential campaign, but because she is a camera chaser. Palin tries to stay relevant by showing to places where the media is gathered without actually taking part in what the media is covering. However, each of these bus tour publicity stunts has actually seen Palin get publicity for the wrong reasons. The East Coast bus tour is in famous for her ringing those bells firing those guns interpretation of Paul Revere’s ride, and now there is the fact that the self styled Queen Esther isn’t paying much attention to the news these days.

Palin isn’t politically relevant because she is no longer participating in politics. The 2012 crop of GOP candidates has passed her by and left her sitting on the sidelines thrusting for the spotlight. She keeps leading her fans and the media on by claiming that announcement about whether or not she is running for president is coming in September or October. If you want to measure Sarah Palin’s intentions, don’t look at her travel schedule or her speaking schedule. Those things mean nothing.

Sarah Palin hasn’t hired any staff. She has no organization on the ground anywhere, and even more telling, she has no money. Palin could and might try to run a campaign without these things, but she has become irrelevant. Even if she runs, she will be lucky to finish fourth in the early caucuses and primaries. Palin doesn’t politically matter anymore. She is so 2008. The GOP has moved on without her.

If Palin does run for president we can look forward to a daily treasure trove of basic mistakes like the one she made tonight about the debt commission, because she isn’t interested nor I suspect is she paying much attention to current events. It is kind of hard to take that “fire in the belly” stuff seriously when Palin apparently hasn’t been following the biggest news story of the past month.

People who are serious about running for president know that there are 12 members on the debt commission. People who aren’t serious about politics, but are desperate to hang on to their fame, think there are 10.

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