Geraldo Rivera Is Fox News’ Own Milton Waddams

Aug 12 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

On Fox and Friends today, Geraldo Rivera demonstrated that both that Fox News is the real life Office Space, and he is Milton Waddams.

Here is the video from Media Matters:

After he referred to Gretchen Carlson twice as E.D., Gretchen Carlson tried to correct him by saying Geraldo, Gretchen Carlson has been doing this show for about 5 years, not E.D. Geraldo replied, “What’s that about 5 years?” Carlson said, “That’s okay. I’ll tell you when I see you next week.”

In September of 2006, Fox News announced that Gretchen Carlson would be replacing E.D. Hill a.k.a. Eyde Tarbox to my fellow Pittsburghers on Fox and Friends. The best part about it is when Carlson tries to correct him and Geraldo and answers with, “What’s that about 5 years?”

How many of you after watching that clip said to yourself, Geraldo is still on Fox News? Even more stunning is the fact that Rivera has been at Fox News for nearly 10 years. We may have a real life Milton Waddams situation on our hands. In the classic Mike Judge film Office Space Milton was an employee who had been laid off years earlier but due to an error in payroll he kept receiving his paychecks and he kept coming to work. No one including Milton actually knew that he had been laid off.

Geraldo Rivera seems to have no idea what is going on at the network that employs him. In fact, I don’t think he is paying any attention to the network at all. It wouldn’t really be a surprise to any of us if Geraldo has been collecting paychecks for the last five years, but he had really been laid off in 2006.

Fox News could learn some valuable lessons from Office Space when it comes to deal with Geraldo. First, never move his desk. Second, and this the big one never take away his stapler, and if he tells you that he is going to burn the office down, believe him.

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