Rush Limbaugh Blames The Democratic Party for London Riots

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Today on his radio show, Rush Limbaugh blamed the Democratic Party and their agenda for the London riots.

Here is the audio from Media Matters:

Limbaugh said, “The Democrat agenda fought desegregation in the Army and everywhere else, but this is, Sneardly, I know it’s getting worse, but it’s only a testament of effectiveness. This is what you have to understand. Take a statement like roll back the Democrat agenda for the last 65 years, everyone with a modicum of understanding means we gotta get rid of the socialism. We’ve got to reduce the size of government. We’ve got to get government out of being the central facet in everyone’s life. We do have to roll. We do have to repeal Obamacare. We do have to fix Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid. They’re busted. They’re bankrupt. They don’t work.”

Rush then tried to blame to blame the Democratic policies for the London riots, “Democrat social programs have led to what happening in London, the same kind of thinking, the same type of mentality. It has led to the paralysis of law enforcement for crying out loud. Liberalism has led to the paralysis of law enforcement. The people committing these crimes are entitled in liberalism, because they have been so put upon. They’re so disadvantaged by whatever socio-economic unfairness that we have to understand their rage, and if they destroy somebody else’s private property we can’t stop them. It’d be racist to try it. Discriminatory to try it. Insensitive, politically incorrect or what have you. The Democratic agenda fought desegregation in the Army and it fought it everywhere else.”

There are so many things wrong with the statements above. There isn’t a US style Democratic Party in the UK. The current government is conservative. Limbaugh doesn’t seem to understand that part of the fuel for the riots, which started with the Mark Duggan incident, is the austerity and growing economic inequality which is being shepherded in by the Cameron led administration. Law enforcement has not let the riots occur. They have been desperately trying to stop the rioting.

Limbaugh also pulled a favorite conservative historical trick. He claims that Democrats were opposed to desegregation, but it was Harry Truman a Democratic president that desegregated the armed forces via Executive Order 9981 on July 26, 1948. This action along with LBJ’s signing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Pushed the pro-segregation/racist Southern Democrats out of the Democratic Party and into the Republican Party where they currently reside today.

When Rush Limbaugh or anyone else on the right tells you how historically racist the Democratic Party has been, it might be nice if you would remind them that those same racists are now being happily hosted in the Republican Party today. The racism and racists are still with us. They just switched parties. Limbaugh’s statements about Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security were also completely wrong. Social Security is projected to have positive cash flow balance through 2037. Medicare and Medicaid are solvent through 2024. The big fix that the right has in mind for entitlements is to get rid of them.

It isn’t a surprise that the Limbaugh managed to blame Democrats for the London riots. The only shocker is that it took this long.

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