Recall Fraud: Wisconsin Democrats Accuse Republicans of Vote Tampering

Aug 10 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

As Yogi Berra once said it’s déjà vu all over again as for Wisconsin Democrats as they allege that the Waukesha County clerk is once again tampering with votes to hand an election to the Republicans.

Here is the statement of Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate,

The race to determine control of the Wisconsin Senate has fallen in the hands of the Waukesha County clerk, who has already distinguished herself as incompetent, if not worse. She is once more tampering with the results of a consequential election and in the next hours we will determine our next course of action. For now, Wisconsin should know that a dark cloud hangs over these important results.

Nate Silver of 538 projected that in the critical District 8 race the incumbent Darling will finish 1,800 votes ahead of the Democratic challenger Pasch, but the Silver also said that based on his modeling Democrats would be crazy not move forward with a recall of Scott Walker. He found that the race would be a tossup.

Since George W. Bush and his Florida shenanigans in 2000, it has become the norm for one side or another to allege fraud in every close election. This habit is nothing more that the collective psychological damage and distrust that the results of the 2000 election left us with, but in Wisconsin the skepticism is merited.

According to MSNBC’s Ed Schultz, two Senate Democrats are calling for an investigation into the District 8 race, and to be quite honest there should have been a federal investigation into Nicholas after the Wisconsin Supreme Court election where she “found” the votes that reelected Justice and noted strangler of his colleagues on the bench Justice David Prosser.

If there is even a hint of possible fraud or corruption an investigation must be conducted. The Democratic must push for an end to what looks like an organized effort to corrupt the democratic process in Wisconsin. All the activists who gave their time and money to the recall effort should work just as hard to ensure that the elections in this country are clean and fair. Most importantly, the people of Wisconsin must demand honest elections.

The results tonight should provide encouragement to Democrats. They did pick up two seats in Republican districts. They have demonstrated that they have at least even odds of recalling Scott Walker, but if the people of Wisconsin are going to have any chance of taking their state back from the Koch brothers, they must demand that the election system in Wisconsin be cleaned up.

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