The New Fundie Meme: It’s not Religious Bigotry – it’s Natural Law

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“Those giraffes you sold me. They won’t mate. They just walk around eating,  and not mating. You sold me queer giraffes.”

- Proximo, in Gladiator (2000)

Because nature is naturally bigoted against same-sex couples. That must be why they appear everywhere in nature. Yes, animals exhibit same-sex attractions, just as do humans. If, as Santorum says, “God is nature” then it’s natural that same-sex couples are found in nature, isn’t it? It’s simple logic. But logic isn’t Santorum’s strong-suit.

On Tuesday, Santorum brought his hate-campaign to a grocery store in Iowa

“The bringing together, according to the natural law, people of two genders, in nature, who come together to form a union, for the purpose of the benefit of each of them, as they are made in nature to fit together to live together, one on one, that we see in nature with many species.”

And of course, marriage is a gift from god:

“It’s because of nature and nature is God,” he said. “Marriage is part of His creation. It is part of His gift.”

Faith in America relates in an email update the background of this “natural law” scheme being pushed by fundamentalists:

Beginning last year, Faith in America’s research began noticing a trend among anti-gay religious groups - particularly the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) and the Family Research Council (FRC).

It appeared as an attempt to distant their anti-gay actions and rhetoric from religious motivation.

Actually, the first hint of this trend occurred in 2009 at a North Carolina conservative church where the Family Research Council and one of its spokespersons, Frank Turek, had gathered a group of area pastors to promote an anti-gay marriage amendment in North Carolina that year.

During a horrific barrage of anti-gay sentiment within the confirms of that church, Turek made the comment that opposition to marriage equality really didn’t have anything to do with religion. It was all about natural law, he said.


But it’s not natural law. As a matter of fact, in 2008 the University of Oslo hosted an exhibit called “Against Nature’s Order?” which was dedicated to homosexuality in nature. It turns out, says Petter Boeckman, the exhibition’s academic advisor, many animal species are homosexual, including lions and chimps – over 1,500 species all told:

“We’re talking about everything from mammals to crabs and worms. The actual number is of course much higher. Among some animals homosexual behaviour is rare, some having sex with the same gender only a part of their life, while other animals, such as the dwarf chimpanzee, homosexuality is practiced throughout their lives.”

Obviously, the reasoning goes, if it’s natural law, then opposition isn’t religiously-based and liberals have no argument against religious-based bigotry.  The problem is, as Santorum makes clear, these bigots can’t disentangle religion from his so-called “natural law.”

AsFaith in America says of the Turek episode, “Attending that session, we found it interesting he would make that comment  considering it was being made in a church before a group of conservative religious leaders – not exactly your nonreligious venue.”

Here’s why: They know the potential audience for their natural law meme is limited – to Christian conservatives. This message won’t sell in universities or in peer-reviewed scientific journals because they know it’s a lie – they know homosexuality exists in the animal kingdom. No scientist is going to sign on to such a blatant disregard for fact. They have to sell it to the people who are prepared for the message, those who already want to hear it, the people for whom it confirms their deepest, darkest suspicions about “homosexual plots.”

If that sounds a lot like their anti-Islam campaign it’s no coincidence: Turek and Bryan Fischer think “gays and Muslim extremists are allied in their plot to destroy America.”

Because Islam and homosexuality are natural allies. Hmm mmm.

As Right Wing Watch relates this rather bizarre claim,

Turek tells Fischer that “the homosexual community and Muslim community [are] joining together” pass laws banning ‘hate speech’ in America in order to bring about “totalitarianism” by “shutting up the opponents.” Turek says that the two groups are collaborating because “they both hate Western Civilization” and “hate Judeo-Christian natural law values.”

Fischer: Anybody who speaks out against Islam in the United States just gets hammered by voices on the left trying to censor them, silence them, intimidate them, the only thing they are lacking right now is the club of a law that will punish them for telling the truth about Islam.

Turek: Well that’s on the way and I’ve mentioned on my show there are strange bedfellows politically in our country today that is the radical left and the radical right in terms of Islam. You have, for example, the homosexual community and Muslim community joining together to try and call any criticism of their behavior or their religion ‘hate speech’ which would make it illegal, if they could get these laws passed, to criticize homosexuality or to criticize Islam. See it isn’t about truth here, it’s about totalitarianism, it’s about a way to silence the opposition. You can win the debate by just shutting up the opponents here.

So it’s really strange to me how these two disparate groups can be in concert together, maybe it’s because they both hate Western Civilization, maybe it’s because they both hate Judeo-Christian natural law values that our Constitution and particularly our Declaration of Independence were founded on, ‘we hold these truths to be self-evident,’ maybe they just hate that both those groups hate those values so much that they’re in bed together. But I can tell you one thing, if the Muslims ever takeover, the first people they’re going to go after is the folks on the radical left.

There is nothing natural about Christian fundamentalism or its goals. It turned the world upside down in the fourth century of the common era and it wants to do so again. Christian fundamentalism is a perversion of nature; it is unnatural in the extreme.

You can see their need then to push this unnatural thinking as being natural. They’re not religious extremists, they’re just acting in accord with natural law – with nature. It’s a happy coincidence that their god just happens to also be nature. This has the further happy effect of making their god our natural god and all other gods false idols or demons.

Notice too how their opponents have become the “radical left” – a restructuring of reality such as I spoke of here the other day. Obviously, only a radical leftist could find fault with natural law. In reality, only a radical Christian – a fundamentalist – could support such bizarre thinking. Fischer and Turek – and Santorum – have staked out a very small tent for themselves. They can’t make the tent bigger – the exclusive nature of their political theology precludes that – so they have to portray everyone outside of that tent as “unnatural” – opposed not just to God but to the natural order of things.

But this appeal to reality falls flat when you look at…reality. It’s like putting on red-tinted glasses and saying the world is red-tinted. But take those glasses off and you find that it’s not.  Nature is what it is, full of infinite variety. And what happens in nature, including homosexual behavior, is natural.

On the other hand, religious fundamentalism is a most unnatural perversion, and everything that fundamentalists believe and do is an unnatural perversion.

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