David Barton’s Nightmare Vision of a Talibangelical America

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David Barton doesn’t know American history. He doesn’t have a degree – in anything –  and it shows. If he has actually read anything about history, or economics or anything else, it isn’t apparent in his utterances. He is a perfect example of what happens when somebody with too much religion and too little education attains a position of power or influence.

The Roman Emperor Justinian in the sixth century C.E. was one such person. He ruined what was left of the Roman Empire in his religiously-inspired frenzy to restore its old glories. David Barton would like to do the same to the American empire.

Right Wing Watch has brought to light a scary slice of David Barton’s dark soul. In an interview with George Barna, founder of the Barna Group, three months ago Barton talked about the intersection of his distorted fundamentalist beliefs and politics and gave us a glimpse of a Taliban-like future for America. It makes for chilling reading.

Barna, an evangelical, holds two masters degree, ought to take himself permanently off the air in shame. Of course, Barna himself is a proponent of catching and indoctrinating children early, while they’re most susceptible.

Watch the Video from Right Wing Watch:

Barna: How do you think the political and governmental system in our country if Christians actually followed the teaching of Christ?

Barton: Everything from foreign policy to economics – I mean, if we apply biblical teachings, we would stay out of debt … Debt is bad in the Bible … Our economic system would be totally different. We would have a different educational system. We believe the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge. Just something as simple as a prayer at the beginning of the day and, as you and other document, we’re looking at about 75-80% of the nation still wants prayer to start a school day. I mean, it’s not that our values are weak, it’s just that we don’t have the opportunity to express what most of the nation wants.

So education would be different, economics would be different, social policy would be different, the role of the church in what’s called “social justice.” I mean there are 205 verses in the Bible that talk about helping the poor, the government is only told to do one thing and that is when the poor come into court, make sure they get justice. Every other verse tells the church and tells individuals to take care of the poor. We would have a whole different look at so many things and be so much more effective.

Look at some of what Barton would like to see:

  • No federal debt, a debt that existed from the very beginning of this nation for a very good reason – without it, the economy would come to a screeching halt. Yes, our economic system would be totally different – it would be nonexistent. We’d be bartering. Our economy depends on the spending of individuals, corporations and the government. You can’t simply remove one of those three pillars from the equation without disastrous consequences. Think of just one:
    • The government has to use deficit spending to issue contracts for various projects, borrowing money to pay for those if taxes are insufficient or until tax income is available. If the government does not borrow, the industries involved will shut down. Many industries depend upon government contracts – as well as millions of jobs.
  • The school day of our children would begin with fear of Barton’s god and prayer to what is essentially to any sane person a hateful demon who demands human sacrifices to satiate his unholy lusts (refer to the Old Testament for details).
  • All social programs would cease and the church would control “social justice” – meaning no poor, disabled or otherwise needy folks would eat without having to endure proselytization about Barton’s angry demon god. Those who escaped programming in the public schools would be victimized if they fell on hard times.
  • And who even wants to think about the Bible guiding our foreign policy? The Old Testament is full of cities being “dedicated” to God, which means sacrificed – to the last man, woman, and child. Convert the scale to entire nations and add nuclear weapons. No, if you hope to sleep tonight, don’t let your mind go there.

And doubtless, if you didn’t pay on time, the firemen would watch your house burn down and the police would watch your wife and daughters be raped.

Watch the full 15 minute video from Vimeo if you have the stomach for it (be prepared to hear how Jesus talked about his opposition to “minimum wage”, “capital gains tax” and “no-fault divorce” – and don’t say we didn’t warn anyone about the dangers of the “Great Commission”):

Interview with Historian David Barton from Precision Media on Vimeo.



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