Congressional Republican Approval Has Plummeted 21 Points Since January

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The new PPP/ Daily Kos/SEIU poll found that Congressional Republicans have lost 21 points of approval since they took office in January.

The PPP/Kos/SEIU poll found that approval of Congressional Republicans has fallen to 25%. After the way they handled the debt ceiling, disapproval of the Republican Congress has jumped to 65%. Congressional Republicans took office in January with a 33% approval rating and a 52% disapproval rating. The Republican members have collectively lost 21 points of approval in less than eight months. Both John Boehner and Congressional Republicans lost 10 points of approval in a week.

On the other side of the aisle Congressional Democrats have stayed exactly where they were in February, 33% approve and 57% disapprove. Harry Reid gained 8 points of approval over the past week, and Nancy Pelosi lost two points of approval, which is within the margin of error, so her numbers remain unchanged. Despite the GOP’s best efforts to blame Obama, the President’s job approval rating has remained unchanged over the past week. Obama gained one point in approval, and two points in disapproval to leave him at a net (-1).

Exit polling on Election Night 2010 revealed that Independents were the voters that gave Republicans governorships and control of the House. By a margin of 55%-40%, Independents supported the GOP. Republicans have since lost 19 points of Independent support. Democrats now lead with Independents, 39%-36%. Democrats currently lead with all voters, 47%-40%. Independents have completely turned on the Congressional GOP, and now give them a 20% approval rating, and 60% disapproval rating.

The PPP/Daily Kos poll is the second poll in two days to show a huge decline in support for Congressional Republicans. Tom Jensen of PPP wrote today that Democrats have led on the last eleven generic 2012 congressional ballots. Voters are angry which is why no one in our national political leadership has a high approval rating, but they are specifically angry at the Republicans for their behavior during the debt ceiling negotiations. The subsequent S&P downgrade has only added to their rage.

The picture of the political landscape that is emerging from polling is that Americans like Obama’s message of compromise. They also desperately want taxes raised on corporations and the wealthiest Americans, and are now holding the Republicans responsible for policies that they strongly disagree with.

Democrats may not have won the debt ceiling negotiations, but they also didn’t hurt themselves. From Obama on down Democrats made it clear that they wanted a different deal. Their deal which is what Republicans have pledged never to give them is exactly what a majority of the American people seem to want.

The pundit class may not have caught up tothis yet, but the title wave that swept Republicans into power into 2010 could quickly sweep them out of power in 2012.

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