Tea Party Leaders Dream of Misery For Their Medicare Using Foot Soldiers

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The phenomenon of suicide bombers is seared into the world’s memory from the terror attacks on 9/11 and there is little any agency can do to interdict a fanatic who is willing to die for a cause. In recent memory, suicide attacks are primarily attributed to radical Islamic extremists who cause death and destruction for a cause or to create terror in a population. Suicide attacks are not a novel occurrence though, and during World War II Japanese Kamikaze pilots flew bomb-laden airplanes into American warships knowing they would die on impact but were willing to die to cause damage to their enemy. In Iraq, disenfranchised Muslim youth were manipulated into strapping explosive vests on and walking up to crowded markets and traffic checkpoints before detonating the bombs to kill as many innocent bystanders as possible and although they died, the more damage they inflicted the better for their cause.

In America, Timothy McVeigh, a homegrown terrorist caused massive casualties but did not stay around to harm himself because he wanted to see the fruits of his labor in destruction and innocent deaths. The newest homegrown terrorists have not yet began blowing up buildings, but they have watched with great joy at the devastation they are wreaking on Americans, and like Muslim extremists are promoting a cause. However, the damage this new group is causing is unique to American terrorists because they are causing as much devastation to their members as they are innocent bystanders and they are doing it voluntarily exactly like an extremist Muslim suicide bomber in Iraq or Afghanistan.

For the past year-and-a-half, some political observers have commented that teabaggers and Republicans have voted and advocated for policies that are against their own self-interests and have wondered if their actions are out of abject stupidity or blind faith that no harm will ever come back on them. There is little doubt that although teabaggers are stupid to the extreme, they apparently know and take pleasure in harming innocent Americans.

Last month, two of the teabagger groups’ leaders, Jenny Beth Martin and co-founder Mark Meckler said that if the teabaggers they represent are hurt in an elimination of government programs, the members are willing to take the hit. Martin in particular said, “If it (government default) injures the people that we represent, but it’s benefiting the whole country, that’s what we need to be concerned about.” Martin’s comment is not unlike the Muslim extremists they hate and it also shows the abject stupidity the country has learned to associate with teabaggers. They are willing to harm their members for a cause but are also harming the rest of America who does not share the suicide mentality that is rampant in GOP and teabag circles.

Meckler claimed that politicians were lying about the dangers of a default and that the government would still pay its “sovereign debts,” but would have to eliminate programs like Social Security and Medicare once and for all. Martin also said that default would be good for the country because it would force America to sell off its assets and slash the social safety nets a majority of her fellow teabaggers depend on. Martin advocates for the government going bankrupt because she defaulted on her debts and wants the rest of the country and her fellow teabags to feel the pain she went through; whether Martin knows it or not, she is doing the bidding of the Heritage Foundation that advocates selling America to private enterprises.

A poll on the teabaggers’ Facebook page showed that members approved of a government default and supported losing their Social Security and Medicare benefits. However, a Facebook poll is self-serving for malcontents like Martin and Meckler but a real poll showed that by a 2-1 margin teabaggers opposed any cuts to Social Security or Medicare breaking with Republicans who advocate eliminating those programs.

Maybe the teabaggers who are subsisting off of Social Security and Medicare remember working 30-40 years and paying into the retirement and healthcare system and object to losing their hard-earned retirement benefits. In fact, a New York Times/ CBS poll results showed the average teabagger demanded Social Security and Medicare be left out of any cuts and instead parroted President Obama’s position that government waste needed to be trimmed; not so-called “entitlement programs” because they paid for them and demanded their benefits. Their leaders are like the Mullahs and radical clerics who say that all Muslims want to die for their cause, but are too cowardly to take action themselves. Retired teabaggers are not funded by the Koch brothers or promoted by the Heritage Foundation like tea party leaders and are not willing to take “hits and injuries” for the Libertarian cause despite what Martin and Meckler claim.

It is becoming obvious to rank-and-file teabaggers who are predominately in the baby-boomer generation that they cannot give up their only means of income if Social Security and Medicare are privatized, cut, or eliminated altogether. Their leaders, though, are willing for their members and the rest of the population to suffer and lose the benefits they paid for to see the government collapse. It is not clear if the leaders actually comprehend what government default means or if they are so evil that they will cause the greatest harm to the greatest majority of Americans just to make a point for their cause, but whatever their dysfunction, it definitely is bad for America. Remember, the teabaggers want the government to collapse to install a Christian family-values government with a preacher as dictator.

Americans are not the type of people who are ever going to sacrifice themselves for a cause unless it is for self-preservation, their families, or their country. Still, the teabagger leadership makes a case that belies their members’ wishes and as the debt ceiling negotiations proved, a government default is a cause the leadership worked diligently to achieve. The teabag leadership is not the only group at fault and Republicans share a portion of the responsibility for holding the negotiations hostage with a threat of government default. As is usually the case with extremists and radical fundamentalists, a few mouthy malcontents can make life miserable and dangerous for innocent bystanders and their members alike.

If teabaggers knew the damage their leaders were causing them and the entire country, they may withdraw their support entirely. Also, if the tea party members knew how close they were to President Obama’s position of cutting government waste, they may abandon the group altogether but that would mean losing their racial hatred of the president and it does not appear that will happen anytime soon. What has happened is that teabagger candidates who won their elections with support from Koch Industries, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Heritage Foundation have shown their ignorance and inexperience in the debt ceiling negotiations and besides nearly causing a government default, have substantially damaged America’s economy. Tragically, it is more than just their own teabagging members who are going to suffer and like every terrorist suicide-bomber, will injure innocent American bystanders who are casualties for their Libertarian cause. Like most maniacs who are willing to have someone else die for a cause, tea party leaders could not be stopped as they wrought economic death and destruction on the American people. The country will likely never recover in the near term and without a change, will face its demise in the not-so-distant future all because a few radical maniacs manipulated ignorant adherents to make a sacrifice for their cause, and like the cowardly Islamic clerics, sacrifice innocents instead of themselves.


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