Beck and Limbaugh Use Wisconsin State Fair Violence to Scare Recall Voters

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It is no coincidence that as voters go to the polls today in Wisconsin, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck are placing up the recent violence at the Wisconsin State Fair.

Here is Limbaugh via Media Matters:

After talking about how Obama voters are just like the London rioters, Limbaugh said, “If you got a business you a rich person. Now this, folks this is what we have in store. This is. We’re on this path. We’re on this track. We’re on this track. We already have near race riots at the Wisconsin State Fair, in a state where that is not known for. These are the equivalent of Obama voters. The people you just heard here on the BBC.”

Here is Beck also from Media Matters:

As usual Beck was about as subtle as an infected wisdom tooth, “Look at all of the coverage that is happening in London, why? Because there’s flames and they’re showing the pretty pictures, and they’re showing things burn to the ground, but they didn’t show. Did the media show the video of what happened in Wisconsin? Where black teenagers were pulling white people of their car and beating them damn near to death last week. Have you seen that video? Does video not exist? Is there no video on it? Did nobody have their cell phones? You can get anything from planes flying into buildings to Barney Frank farting on television. You can get all that, but you can’t get a crowd of teenagers with video? Really?

Here is some video from Fox 6:

 Do you think that it is a coincidence that both Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck decided to play up the now days old story of the mob violence at the Wisconsin State Fair on the exact same day that voters in six districts are going to the polls to decide whether not Republicans maintain control of the state senate?

In Republican circles fanning the flames of racial fear based hate is what passes for a get out the vote effort these days. Both Glenn and Rush were doing their part to scare white Republicans into going to the polls in Wisconsin.

It is the same old song and dance of using race to whip of fear and division in order to win an election. It didn’t work in 2008 when Barack Obama was running for president, and I don’t think it will work today in Wisconsin.

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