Pay No Attention To The Corporations Behind The News: Lost In Media Oz

Aug 08 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

In a recent conversation with Thomas Bishop about the debt ceiling debacle, he wondered where have all the journalists gone? I wondered the same thing. Had they slowly been attritioned, replaced by shiny, smiley faux reporters who report the news from a sensationalistic perspective or an ideological one?  Had they become disillusioned and tired from fighting the corporate overlords to get their stories told in their entirety? Or is the profession itself dying a slow agonizing death?  Quite frankly something is very twisted wrong when an entertainment show reports on the debt ceiling and a news station reports on the Nikki Minaj wardrobe malfunction.

It is as if we the people are Dorothy, Toto, Scarecrow, Tin Man and Lion lost in media Oz, ripped from our homey ranch by the cyclone chaos of the political machine and plunked over the rainbow down in the deadly poppy field of ideology where every dogmatic poppy bloom expects we’ll all stay asleep and drugged by the flowers of mind numbing bickering.  We’ve been dusted with doctrinal pollen and pelted with wicked witch misinformation launched from flying monkey paws.  Actions which have shoved us off the brick road of individual thought and into the forest of fear and confusion.

Instead of being politically poppy complacent we all need to find our way back to the yellow brick road, journey to the Bureaucratic Emerald City and seek an audience with the Wizards of News.

Or better yet, since the investigative journalist has gone the way of the Dodo, we need to investigate matters ourselves and fight our way through the minefields of lies, outwit the disinformation scandalmongers to form our own opinions instead of those opinions being formed for us by “news” stations whose corporate masters lack brains, courage and heart.

Let us travel together down that yellow brick road and seek to decrease the misinformation volume.  When we reach the City of News and rip aside the smoke and mirror curtain we shall see the Wizards for who they really are — the propaganda body politic churning the political poppy machine.  No magic there.

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