Fox News Blames The Left For New Half Black Half Hispanic Spider-Man

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Fox News has accused the left of forcing Marvel to “take a radical left turn to extreme political correctness” by making the new Spider-Man half black and half Hispanic.

Here is the video from Media Matters:

Rick Folbaum said, “Peter Parker the man behind the mask in the original comic series, but did you know there’s more than one Spider-Man universe? In Ultimate Spider-Man, which comic book readers know is different than the original, Peter Parker was killed off back in June and this week a new Spider-Man was introduced. Miles Morales is a half black, half Hispanic teenager who has a knack for fighting injustice and comes with some of the same powers but with different abilities, and this news took some in the media by surprise questioning whether or not Marvel Comics took a radical left turn to extreme political correctness by killing off a traditional American hero and replacing him with Miles Morales.”

The most of part of that story is the idea that the white Peter Parker is a traditional American hero, with implication being that Miles Morales isn’t an American and because he is not white he can never be considered a hero.

It wasn’t a radical turn to the left that led to Marvel creating Miles Morales. It was demographics. Fox News doesn’t want to acknowledge this, but America is changing. A half black and half Hispanic character is more reflective of the national population than the assumption that all superheroes must be white. It was business decision on the part of Marvel. Miles Morales can attract new readers to the series. He could bring new marketing opportunists, and who knows maybe even a new movie franchise? Blaming this on political correctness or left is a stretch even for Fox News.

Not surprisingly, Fox News found a way to use Spider-Man to fit one of their favorite conservative narratives that the left wants to destroy everything American. The left wanted Peter Parker dead and replaced with brown skinned hero, because they hate everything good about America. White Spider-Man had to die, because Barack and Michele Obama said so.

Don’t believe me? Here’s Glenn Beck:

According to Beck the new Spider-Man looks just like President Obama, and he claimed that Miles Morales is an intentional assault on our traditions that Michele Obama is to be blamed for. You know slavery was a tradition too, but we got rid of that.

On Fox News and Glenn Beck could figure out a way to use Spider-Man to promote racial division in this country.

Congratulations Fox News, you’ve just sunk to a new low.

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