Rush Limbaugh Accidentally Blasts Sarah Palin By Claiming Only Twits Tweet

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On his radio show today Rush Limbaugh said that Twitter is for followers and only twits tweet, so that makes Sarah Palin, John Boehner, and every other Republican who tweets a twit.

Here is the audio from Media Matters:

After a caller asked Limbaugh why he is not on Twitter, Limbaugh said, “Well, I am trying to figure out how to say this, trying to be very diplomatic on how to say this, I think Twitter is for followers. I think everybody’s tweeting because somebody else tweets. You have to be a twit to tweet, and I’m not a twit, and I think, look at how much news is made now. You’ve got journalists scouring Twitter and reporting what somebody says. I don’t know. It’s just an instinct.”

Limbaugh later said, “I am not a member of the herd. I am not trying to insult people here. This is why I am trying to be very diplomatic about this, but I am a nonconformist and if everybody else is doing something. If everybody else is thinking the same thing, then somebody is wrong. I’m just I guess it’s a part of my whole non-conformity thing. Everybody else does it. It’s a bunch of followers. It’s just a bunch of people following the herd. Just a bunch of people doing it because everyone else is doing it, and besides why tweet what I think and cannibalize my own radio show? I want you to come here to find out what I think, not go tweeter places and stuff like that.”

I understand that Twitter is not for everybody and Rush Limbaugh is free not to use Twitter, but by calling people who tweet twits, he insulted most of the Republican Party. First Rush Limbaugh just called Sarah Palin a twit. Whatever tiny bit of fame that Palin has left exists on Twitter and Facebook. Rush Limbaugh’s statement only twits tweet becomes a fact when is applied to Sarah Palin. However, the GOP twit list is not just limited to Sarah Palin.

Here are some other notable GOP tweeters:

Michele Bachmann
Mitt Romney
Eric Cantor
John Boehner
John McCain
Orrin Hatch
Mitch McConnell
Jim DeMint
Roy Blunt
Jim Inhofe
Lamar Alexander
John Kyl
John Thune
Glenn Beck
Karl Rove
The Heritage Foundation
Paul Ryan
Gov. Nikki Haley
Gov. Bobby Jindal

The list goes on and on, because virtually every national Republican is on Twitter. Rush Limbaugh is probably the biggest Republican not on Twitter. If only twits tweet, then Rush Limbaugh is surrounded by twits in the GOP. In fact, the GOP is being led by twits, and the conservative media is packed full of them.

Here is what Rush Limbaugh unintentionally revealed about the conservative movement today. They suffer from a follower mentality. They are herd like. They are afraid of innovation and technology. They say things because everyone else is saying them. Conservatives hate change. (Twitter might hurt my radio audience). None of this came from me. It all came from Limbaugh’s criticism of those who tweet.

Without realizing it, Rush Limbaugh uttered the most truthful thing that he has ever said on his radio show. The Republican Party is full of twits, and Sarah Palin is their Twit in Chief.

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