The GOP Has Become A Front Group For Tea Party Economic Terrorism

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In every country on Earth, national security is the first priority to protect and insure the government survives any onslaught from foreign invaders intent on conquering or destroying it. America is no different and in fact, spends more on defense that the next 12 countries combined to assure its citizens that the government remains intact and the country survives for centuries. There are, though, enemies within America’s borders who are plotting to take down the government and end the experiment in Democracy that has persevered for over 200 years because the current system of government does not fit the paradigm they have been dreaming of for decades. The conservative movement in America has spent untold sums of money to change the government into a corporatist enterprise where a few hundred wealthy families hold all the wealth and the rest of the population exists solely to enrich the wealthy and their corporations, and they are beginning to realize advances toward their goal of domination and control.

The recent debt crisis has brought criticism on President Obama for not dealing with recalcitrant Republicans the way Franklin Delano Roosevelt did during the Great Depression, but the critics fail to acknowledge that Roosevelt worked with a Congress that wanted to save America’s economy. President Obama did not have that luxury because teabaggers and Republicans have no interest in saving the economy or the present system of government and are working frantically to destroy the working class and by extension, the American government. It does not matter how much money America spends on its defense budget because our enemies, both foreign and domestic, will defeat us from within and not with an invading army.

When Osama Bin Laden orchestrated the terror attacks on 9/11, he manipulated George W. Bush into involving the country in two unnecessary wars that have nearly broken the economy because to fight the wars, America borrowed the money to kill innocent Muslims. Americans will be paying for Bush’s mistakes for decades and conservatives are using the debt for his wars to eliminate the social safety nets Americans have enjoyed for over 70 years. Recently, teabaggers have been labeled terrorists for holding the economy hostage but they do not bear sole responsibility for attempting to collapse the government. Republicans feigned pressure from the teabags as reason for the Draconian cuts to government spending, but they have used the terrorists as an excuse to conduct a war on the government; a war they have waged since that other terrorist, Ronald Reagan was president. Don’t believe it? Let’s review.

When Reagan was president, his famous line was that government was the problem in America and he went on a tear to dismantle unions and devastated the economy along the way. Reagan is still the model for Republicans to follow, but they have taken his tactics to such an extreme that he would be assassinated by conservatives for being too liberal. The teabaggers have openly admitted their goal is to eliminate the government so they can install a family values theocracy and have pushed Republicans to wage war on women for Jesus, and destroy the social safety nets to shrink the government. Grover Norquist, the de facto leader of the Republican Party has said he wants to shrink the government enough to be able to “drown it in a bathtub,” and that taxes or spending are not the problem, the existence of the government is.

Any one of those groups threatens our national security, but taken together they are an enemy the government cannot withstand without a shift in thinking by the populace. The American people have to start examining what benefits Republicans, teabaggers, or their conservative think tanks are offering because if they did, they would discover that conservatives offer absolutely nothing to the people except despair and devastation now and in their old age. The Heritage Foundation’s budget that Paul Ryan proposed was just a clue of what the conservatives have in store for the country if they are not stopped. Privatization of Medicare, Social Security, the education system, highway system and myriad other government entities has been the goal of conservatives because it offers the greatest benefit to the wealthy and their corporations and robs the American people of their tax dollars and their voice in government.

America is under assault from the terrorist teabaggers and their front group, the Republican Party led by Grover Norquist and the answer from the left is to blame President Obama for not being FDR. No matter how great FDR was as president, he too would have been held hostage if his Congress was working to destroy the government like the conservatives in Washington. Republicans will lie and say they are doing the will of the American people, but the people have overwhelmingly said to raise taxes on the wealthy to save programs like Medicare and Social Security as well as nearly every other government program. The terrorist Republicans though are not interested in any outcome that does not end the government as we know it and were willing to send the country into a depression to achieve their goals. Make no mistake, if the economy dies, the government dies, and President Obama saved the government this time and the country is fortunate he did. If Republicans are allowed to continue their assault on the government without interdiction, America will not survive; but that is the goal conservatives yearn for and with Democrats pointing fingers at the president, it is a goal that may reach fruition.

Americans are in a war for survival and the enemy is within the federal government and several Republican controlled states. If any American wants to see what this country will look like if Republicans get their way, they only need to look at what the GOP are doing in Florida, Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio where public entities are being destroyed to take taxpayer dollars and hand them to corporations and the wealthy. If that appeals to any American, then they are conservatives and are an enemy of the state and that includes the media for subsidizing the conservatives’ plans by failing to report the GOP’s malfeasance. If this is frightening, it should be because America will not withstand another assault from the terrorist teabaggers, Republicans, and every conservative think tank that are culpable as enemies of America; the newest third-world country.

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