Democrats, It’s Time To Stop Bashing President Obama

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How about a different strategy like support???

I don’t believe in bashing President Obama in the media because it only hurts him, the party and the country in the long run. Let your voices be heard but direct them to him and not those who will use it against him. I respect Bill Maher because he says what’s on his mind and he doesn’t care what anyone thinks. But he’s been from the beginning highly critical of Obama and it’s made a big difference in the President’s base of support. One of the major things the GOP, including the Tea Party, has going for them in terms of power is, that they stick together no matter what.

They stuck together even when it meant taking down the world economy. We have a decent, intelligent man of integrity in the White House and he often gets criticized for being so. He’s been called weak and too nice and told that he caves all the time. Has anyone ever assessed what he’s truly up against? Has anyone ever wondered what information he has access to that we don’t? It would be enough to be a Democratic president in these difficult times, but to be an African American president has been deemed as something downright evil by the GOP!

No one has wanted to really address the obvious racism that’s been taking place since the President took office. Everyone downplays it, including President Barack Obama himself. The death threats alone must be awful. My point is, the reason they were able to hold a gun to his head in this congressional made debt crisis is because the DEMS and Independents stayed home at the midterms, or were unenthusiastic about their support or were in hard times struggling and scared so they voted for these Tea Party nutbags and bigots that are now holding our livelihood hostage.

In our Government, you have the President which is the Executive Branch, the Senate and the House of Representatives and the Supreme Court. The President is not a dictator which is what we’re asking him to be without playing our role in giving him the base and support he needs to get this country out of this hostage situation where the only game in town is to destroy the nation’s middle class and get Obama out of power.

Rush Limbaugh made it clear from day one he wanted to see him fail and he has a huge base. Minority Senate leader, Mitch McConnell has made it no secret that the number one goal of the GOP is to get rid of Obama by any means necessary. He had no concern for the country, just this obsession with President Obama. Dead beat dad and Tea Party congressman Joe Walsh can be featured on all media outlets calling the President a liar! How can that be? It’s been reported that he owes over a $100,000 for nine long years of back child support. This didn’t happen under the Obama administration. He should be recalled, not getting air time.

We gave President Obama 2 years to work miracles and then came the disastrous midterm elections, the results of which we are living under today. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. First it was the Blue Dog DEMS who refused to go along with the President because they were GOP in disguise by the way they refused to support him. With healthcare reform they had difficulty sticking together, and the President tried to make it bipartisan but he couldn’t. Now the GOP controls the House, several states and the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has been bought and paid for based on its conservative majority including Clarence Thomas who should be impeached for being a puppet to the good old Corp boys and his Tea Party wife. So now the GOP has changed a lot of laws and rules of the game because the DEMs gave up too early on our President.

Don’t under estimate Barack Obama. His strategies may not make sense but they’re usually long term when they seem like a short term fix, and they’re based on goals for the people rather than not. And whenever he comes through on anything, memory loss sets in on America because the GOP starts tearing him down the same day. And he tries to position himself to get to a certain place where he truly can make a difference. This is not an easy task for a man who has to fight his own party, the typical GOP, the Extremist Tea Party, Corporate America, the billionaires, the worldwide terrorists, inflation, joblessness, the global economy, RACISM, multiple wars, fellow African American, and even his own birth right and faith as a human being. No other President has had as much on his plate without the simple common decency of support and respect.

When he receives glory or praise, it only lasts milliseconds. The high of his inauguration couldn’t last a day. Passing Healthcare Reform that could be made better in the future was brutalized even by those who would benefit. The same process happened with Financial Reform. He had the number one enemy of the US and the world hunted down and eliminated from ever attacking our country again. They tried to give that victory to BUSH who claimed he didn’t know where Bin Laden was and didn’t care. Obama’s done more for the gay community than any President and still they cry not enough! He’s fought for women and they’re some of his loudest critics. He extended olive branches to Republicans, and they answered with claims and attacks against him.

He’s been called Hitler, a racist, a Tar Baby, a “dick”, a”boy” and a “liar” by so called reputable people like our congressmen and political analysts in public. He’s also been disrespected on every main stream media source repeatedly. African Americans speak out against him publicly rather than support him to get to a place where he can truly help the disadvantaged. I don’t know how the President gets up every morning to fight another day, but he does. And he’ll keep doing it because that’s who he is and he’s strong. And he’ll keep campaigning because if he doesn’t, he knows the GOP will end the America we love and seek our dreams in.

American people, are you digesting the alternative? The GOP is still holding the country hostage. They won’t approve Obama’s appointments for consumer protection. They’re trying hard to bust unions. They’re using voting suppression. They won’t let any jobs bills be voted on in the House. The House GOP won’t release funding for infrastructure projects. They went on vacation with a huge problem on the table concerning air traffic that’s costing taxpayers millions and many jobs until it’s resolved. Corporate America is taking middle class and disadvantaged Americans back to a slave state. The billionaires and the Media moguls of this world are buying how this country will make them more obese “Fat Cats” and the GOP is taking them to the bank by using the Tea Party.

People, we own the numbers. We are 300 million plus strong and our voices can be heard loud and clear. I respect Wisconsin immensely because they have buyer’s remorse and they’re doing something about it called RECALL elections. When a Democratic president’s hands are tied, it’s up to the people to be heard and bring him the support he needs. Corporate sponsors need to be hit where they care the most and that’s at their bottom lines. We need nonviolent protests on Washington and major boycotts across this country state to state. We don’t have the billionaire benefactors but we do have the numbers. Let’s use them. It’s now blatant what the GOP is doing to this country and it has absolutely nothing to do with JOBS! I love tea, but Wake up America and smell the COFFEE! Don’t sink into depression. Stand up for Democracy! Let’s give a dedicated effort to support our President to bring the change he promised!

When he’s reelected with a Democratic House majority, we can turn this around again. There was a ton to clean up from the Bush administration and the GOP is continuing the destruction of the middle class. President Obama had to step in to stop the Bush administration from sending the economy and this country over the cliff. Then he had to save unemployment and the Arms Treaty agreement. Then he had to step in again to prevent a world economic disaster that the GOP and the Tea Party were willing to create and let happen.

Now they’ve got a hold of unemployment again. Obama was not going to wait until the last second because we could have been downgraded anyway. He did the best he could in the moment. If he had gone for the 14th Amendment then all we would have heard about up until the 2012 elections would have been the GOP trying to IMPEACH President Obama. Nothing else would have taken place because that would have monopolized the airways and the congress. And then that would have set the stage for future Presidents to do the same when maybe it isn’t warranted. Obama may not be a miracle worker, but he’s certainly better than the alternative!

Let’s not be divided and conquered. There’s power in numbers!

God bless President Obama and the United States of America!

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