Republicans Hope America Develops Stockholm Syndrome by 2012

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A century ago, a leader could claim to speak for the entire country and if the speaker was trustworthy, their word could be taken for the truth. In the modern era of perpetual polling and up-to-the-minute news reporting, a leader can still claim to speak for all Americans but their assertions can be checked for veracity within one news cycle or sooner if one has access to the Internet. There are some leaders in Congress who claim to speak for the American people, but if they are members of the Republican Party, it is a relatively safe bet that they are being deceitful. However, when a Republican leader in the Senate claims the American people agree with the GOP’s handling of the debt ceiling negotiations and their refusal to allow revenue increases, it is most certainly an abject lie.

The liar in question is Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell and as usual, he fails to remember that every statement a politician makes can be checked for veracity in a matter of minutes. McConnell was speaking about the debt ceiling negotiations with President Obama and the coming battle of more spending cuts when he said, “The American people agreed with us on the nature of the problem. They know the government didn’t accumulate $14.3 trillion in debt because it didn’t tax enough.”  McConnell repeated his assertion again when talking about next year’s debt ceiling debate where he again repeated himself saying, “Republicans only control one half of one third of the federal government, but the American people agree with us.” So McConnell either believes his own fallacy or he is engaging in the Adolf Hitler’s tried-and-true tactic of repeating a lie often until people believe it as fact.

Apparently, McConnell thinks the American people agreed with Republicans holding the economy hostage to avoid tax increases on the wealthiest Americans. Political observers had been saying for weeks that Republicans were holding the economy hostage and McConnell finally admitted that was the case when he said, “I think some of our members may have thought the default issue was a hostage you might take a chance at shooting. Most of us didn’t think that. What we did learn is this — it’s a hostage that’s worth ransoming.” It is not often that a criminal admits their deviant activity, but with vile Republicans, there is nothing too obscene to admit. What is most disgusting though is that McConnell thinks Americans agree with his Republican Party cohorts and approve of their willingness to ruin the economy to save their wealthy donors from a tax increase.  Sadly, McConnell said he can imagine holding the economy hostage again when the debt limit increase comes up again.

When McConnell said Americans agree with Republicans that there should be no tax increases on the wealthy, he apparently did not read any number of polls saying otherwise.  At last count, 19 different polls show that Americans do want taxes raised on the wealthy to cut the deficit and it is proof that McConnell is a liar. In a Gallup poll last month, only 28% of Americans approve of Congressional Republicans handling of anything, much less the economy. McConnell may like the notion of following Adolf Hitler’s tactic of repeating a lie, but he should remember that in 1930-1940 Nazi Germany, there was no instant news reporting or monthly polling to see what the population really thinks. There is another aspect to McConnell’s statement that is lacking in veracity and that is his assertion that refusal to raise taxes had no effect on the nation’s debt.

In an Institute for Policy Studies report released this spring, figures show that if Americans making $1 million per year or more paid the same tax rates that were in effect in the 1960s, the nation’s deficit would disappear. So McConnell’s assertion regarding taxes having no effect on the deficit are false and it just reinforces that fact that he is a liar like Adolf Hitler, except Americans have polls and reports to combat Republicans’ lies. Mr. McConnell should also remember that it was his man-turned-god, George W. Bush, who started two unnecessary and unfunded wars as well as tax cuts for the wealthy that are still in place and still unfunded. But McConnell and his lying Republican hostage-takers like to blame the nation’s debt on President Obama and the American people for wanting their social safety nets. Another facet of this nation’s debt is the interest that is accruing on those unfunded wars and tax cuts for the rich.

Republicans are always going to lie because they have no idea how to tell the truth when it portrays them as bad leaders and legislators. In fact, mendaciousness is what Republicans do best because it has paid off in the past and like every skill, they have worked hard to perfect the art of lying. The American people though, are getting wise to Republicans’ propensity to lie and are growing weary of it. McConnell may be channeling Adolf Hitler and his practice of telling lies until people accept them as facts, but there is a limit to what Americans will tolerate. Americans are sick of watching Republicans let the country fall into disrepair so the oil industry can have its subsidies and the wealthy can have their perpetual tax cuts, and they are not willing to watch Republicans hold the economy hostage again next year.

McConnell should give up using Adolf Hitler’s Nazi tactics because Americans do not agree with him regardless how often he lies and says they do. McConnell is a liar like Hitler and should remember what the American people did to the Nazis in World War II, because although Americans are patient, when they feel threatened, they crush their enemies. Make no mistake, Republicans are the American people’s enemies and the people have just about had enough. McConnell had better stop lying and if he does not, he will want to find a bunker to hide in. After all, that is what Adolf Hitler did.

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