Bill Maher Calls Out Republicans For Intentionally Tanking The Economy

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On The Ed Show, Bill Maher accused the Republicans of intentionally tanking the economy so that they can beat Obama in 2012.

Here is the video from MSNBC:

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Guest host Michael Eric Dyson asked Maher if he thought anybody in the Republican field could beat Obama. Maher answered, “Absolutely, I do especially with where the economy is going. I mean they’re getting what they want. They want the economy to tank, because that’s their best ticket to beat Obama, and the bill they just forced him to sign is a great start to ensure that we have this double dip recession, and that unemployment stays high, and that nothing is moving in the economy. They’re choking the recession in the crib. That’s just what they want to do, and Obama signed along with it. I just don’t understand this man.

I think Maher meant that Republicans are choking the recovery in the crib, not the recession. His point is a valid one. It is also something that no one talks about in the media. What the media and everyone with a half a brain should be pointing out is that the Republican strategy has always been to keep the economy in the dumpster through the 2012 election.

Republicans aren’t trying to improve the economy. They don’t want to improve the economy. Their political interest is making the economy worse, not better. The House Majority Leader, Eric Cantor is actually betting his own money against America. There is no greater evidence that Republicans aren’t serious about improving the economy than the fact that they have not proposed a single jobs bill, not one.

The House Republican leadership is so anti job creation that they won’t allow Democratic jobs bills to come up for a full vote on the House floor. Republicans know what needs to be done to improve the economy, but they are putting politics ahead of their own country. It is in their best interests to keep American miserable and suffering for as long as possible.

The GOP knows that their only chance of beating Obama is if the bad economy depresses turnout and shifts the national mood against the president. All things being equal, they have no chance of defeating Obama. Their one shot is to whip up and try to capitalize on a low turnout angry electorate. Republicans are making life harder for millions of Americans to improve their odds of winning the White House in 2012.

It’s a diabolical and sleazy strategy that too few members of the media have the guts to talk about. The intentional destruction of the US economy is big news, but don’t expect the corporate run media to tell you about it.

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