The Politicus Pulse – August 3, 2011

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Welcome to the Politicus Pulse. Here are the links you need to see to get your day started off right. Consider this a cup of coffee for your mind.

Rupert Murdoch Hacked Us Too (New York Magazine)

The News Corp. scandal already exposed just how thoroughly the company had corrupted Britain. Now it’s time to look on this side of the pond.

Getting Bin Laden (The New Yorker)

What happened that night in Abbottabad.

8 Reasons Young Americans Don’t Fight Back: How the US Crushed Youth Resistance (AlterNet)

The ruling elite has created social institutions that have subdued young Americans and broken their spirit of resistance.

Running for Grown-Up (New York Magazine)

The two Republicans with the best chance of beating Obama in 2012 happen to be rich, business-friendly, perfectly coiffed cousins from rival Mormon clans. No wonder there’s no love lost between Jon Huntsman and Mitt Romney.

Major Study Links Decline of Unions to Rising of Income Inequality (Mother Jones)

The loss of labor unions explains a full third of the growth of inequality for male workers.

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