Jon Stewart Speaks for All When He Asks the Tea Party WTF?

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I’ve been thinking about this issue all week, looking at the various reports coming out, the various reactions, and I’ve yet to see anything that speaks more for me as an American. Jon Stewart, as so often happens, has been left to be the voice of the American people, which is why, as Jason Easley reported here yesterday, FOX News is so anxious to discredit him. Stewart he had something to say to the Tea Party on Monday night after the debt ceiling compromise, asking a question many of us are asking in the wake of the House’s vote: “What the f*ck Tea Partiers?”

“Well it looks like the Democrats got hosed!” was Jon Stewart’s analysis of the debt ceiling compromise. This was the clear conclusion of many liberals and progressives, another case of the Tea Party hijacking American democracy at the point of a gun. It seems obvious to Stewart and the rest of us that the Tea Party, after imposing economic tyranny on the average American to benefit their rich benefactors, ought to be…well, ecstatic:

“Trillions in spending cuts, no revenue increases…Tea Party like it’s 1799!” said Stewart.

But no. It’s not enough. It’s never enough. There are always more lives to ruin in tyranny. Stewart had something to say about that as well:

“What the f*ck Tea Partiers? You control less than half of one chamber of congress and yet have somehow convinced everybody they’ve to cut billions in spending because of the deficit crisis. Many Republicans supported extending the largest contributing policy piece to our deficit – the bush tax cuts. Take the win! What are you still angry about? Yes, government still exists. We still have “traffic lights” We’re sorry. Not everybody defines freedom as the ability to not pay taxes. Government isn’t perfect but some people wish it was better but not gone.

As Stewart concluded, “This whole process has been like you’re in a bank it’s a negotiation where you’ve got some hostages and after getting everything you wanted you’ve got one last demand: I still get to kill the hostages right?”

A nice summation, all the better for being pin-point accurate. The Tyranny Enters America Party (Tea Party for short) has, we can all hope, signed its own death warrant. As we have been reporting here all week, Americans love their socialism. The Tyranny Party can complain that caring for the people should be left to the churches, but if the churches are so capable, why was the Great Depression so awful? How many people have the churches put back to work in the Great Recession? How many people have the businesses, while wallowing in vastly increased profits, put back to work during the Great Recession? How many people has the Tyranny Party put back to work? None. The answer is none in each and every case.

The Articles of Confederation didn’t work for a reason. The government they established was too weak. So we got the Constitution instead. And now the Tyranny Party wants to go back to what didn’t work before, and in a much less complex world. They’re not patriots; they were never patriots.  They’re the forces of tyranny come to these shores to destroy the American dream, destroy the Constitution, and destroy the lives of millions of hard-working Americans.

They know they’ve overreached; it’s been obvious since they took the high-handed road in Wisconsin and Michigan. Stealing democracy isn’t a popular move. So what’s the Tyranny Party to do but disenfranchise voters and corrupt the election? But we still have brains, we can still get out there and vote and we can ignore any mailing we get offering to do our voting for us, that sends our information not to the “Absentee Ballot Application Processing Center” like the envelope says, but to, for example, Wisconsin Family Action, a virulently anti-gay religious-right group where your Democratic vote will be conveniently lost forever. The resultant “Oops, our bad” will be the final chorus for American democracy.

Wake up, America!

These are the simple facts: Without government spending we will have stagnation.We will have no economic growth.  This Tyranny Party victory is a sentence of death on America and Americans. We can only hope there is still something left to salvage when Election Day 2012 rolls around.  Meanwhile, it’s time for a new slogan:

Target Tyranny for Extinction in 2012. Being selected for extinction will be a fitting end for the party that endorses Social Darwinism.



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