The GOP’s Own Website Concedes The 2012 Election To Obama

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In another sign that Republicans are subconsciously throwing up the 2012 white flag, a a graphic at the top of their fundraising page lists President Obama’s last day in office as January 20, 2017.

Here is the full graphic:

What makes this even more hysterical is that the graphic can be found on the fundraising page. We all know that the 2012 slate of Republican candidates don’t inspire much enthusiasm, but Republicans you should at least try. When an opposition party is attempting to raise money to unseat an incumbent president, having the potential end of the incumbent’s listed correctly would help.

By agreeing to deficit deal the Republicans have given the debt issue to Obama in 2012, and nobody on either side feels particularly happy or optimistic today, but giving up the election is a bit extreme. I think the Republicans have a responsibility as the opposition party to at least try to win next year. (Although, with the candidates they are running a credible argument could be made that they aren’t really trying in this area either).

The GOP is going to be challenging the well-oiled Obama For America machine in 2012, and these types of mistakes make them look like amateurs. Before those on the right read this story and start to scream bloody murder, I know it was an error. Odds are they meant to put 2013 on the graphic instead of 2017, or maybe there was supposed to be a question mark after Obama’s Last Day.

Potential donors shouldn’t have to guess at what their fundraising graphic means. Republican insiders have been signaling all through 2011 that they expect to lose to Obama in 2012. The GOP doesn’t have a single candidate that can convince people that they should be trusted with this country instead of the current president.

I understand that expectation of defeat to an incumbent president, but do Republicans have to make their surrender so obvious?

H/T: Teagan Goddard’s Political Wire

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