A Victory Against Dominionist Indoctrination of the Air Force

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Sample of slide presentation to Missile Officers

Two weeks ago Mikey Weinstein, founder of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) sent me a confidential email containing a PowerPoint presentation that you can download by clicking here. This was such a powerful and frightening visual prop that I had involuntary tears well up in my eyes. As asked by him, I sent a quick text to let him know I had received it and was able to open it. All I could convey to him was that I felt such anger about what these zealots were doing without notice.

I have the honor of serving alongside Mikey and former Ambassador Joe Wilson on the Board of Directors of MRFF for nearly two years now, and in that time I can assure you that we have been exposed to information and situations that are complete and total violations of the U.S. Constitution by military personnel, Chaplains and high ranking officers – in their relentless proselytizing of our armed forces personnel. Yet, this one really sent a wave of fear through me.

We were contacted by 29 out of 31 complainants that included Instructors, active missile silo officers and missile officers in training, the overwhelming majority of whom were Protestant. They all found the presentation about a moral justification for pushing the button beyond a mere infraction. It blatantly crossed the line of separation of church and state. MRFF immediately contacted authorities within the Air Force and made it known that this presentation positing the Christian Bible’s Old Testament warring God as the “might and right” justification in following the Commander-in-Chief’s orders to launch nuclear weapons  - and demanded that this cease and desist immediately. With the assistance of Jason Leopold at Truthout.org who wrote about this, the public outcry added emphasis to our complaint on behalf of these officers.

MRFF has been the last resort for thousands of armed forces personnel, who after attempting to seek resolution through their chain-of-command and resources in place within the military process end up coming to us desperate for assistance. As of this writing there are 23,353 clients on our list – 96% are Protestant, the rest Roman Catholic.

Mikey set this non-profit up to stop this dangerous Movement within our military complex and to help our troops. He works without sleep coordinating pro bono legal help and representation for these clients. Because we are becoming more and more trusted as word spreads about the fact that they do have another place to turn to, we become privy to situations like the “Ethics Training” presentation. A training that has been in place for “20+ years” according to David Smith, chief of public affairs of Air Education and Training Command at Randolph Air Force Base in Texas.

Last year MRFF worked with Americans United for the Separation of Church and State and other allies in this fight against Dominionism and that effort resulted in successfully getting the Pentagon to demand that the defense contractor, Trijicon, immediately stop tucking bible verses in the engraved numbers on their rifle scopes manufactured for military use, which became known as “Jesus Rifles”. This had been going on for nearly 37 years!

These are only two of the victories achieved by our efforts to stave off disaster – not in the name of Allah – but in the name of God. Extremism is extremism.

We are not in a Holy War and we must quit indoctrinating our enlisted to think in those terms. These men and women take an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States and that includes protecting the freedoms of all Americans regardless of religious beliefs. We are all making progress by applying pressure and exposing just who these military Dominionists are, but we have a long way to go. They have been successful in existing under the radar of most Americans for years allowing for some to rise quite high up in the ranks.

Now – I know that every time I write or speak about this I am inundated with hate mail, death threats from “Christian Patriots” and accused of being anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-religion, and on and on. It doesn’t matter that I state emphatically that the only thing I am “anti-” about is extremism. But hey, I am “not the right kind of Christian” so my words do not matter to these zealots.

Nevertheless, we push on because we experience these successes often enough to affirm that we are not living with all this vulgar push back for naught. We are making a difference and the message is being heard by America and around the globe. People everywhere are paying attention because our place in the world is significant. This is why I believe that we truly will take this seriously and stop the madness before it becomes a runaway train.

These stories are important in that they demonstrate that action really does make a difference and giving up on this is not an option. So for those out there who react to Dominionism either as, “this is exaggerated”; or “why bother, if this is what they are up to we can’t stop them anyway”; or “they have the right to express their religion”, etc. – just think about how incensed we get with the reality of Islamic extremism and we have zero difficulty grasping their madness. It is time to recognize the dangers in our own back yard.

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