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Pastor Wants Atheist Registry to Track Atheists like Sex Offenders

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“No man has a natural right to commit aggression on the equal rights of another, and this is all from which the laws ought to restrain him.” – Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson and his idealism be damned. What internet pastor Mike Stahl wants is an “atheist registry” to keep track of these dangerous elements in our society, like people who don’t believe in god, or any gods. This is a story right out of Nazi Germany. What’s next? Will we have our children “outing” us as atheists and pagans and heretics, and turning us over to the fundamentalist morality police to be conveniently culled from the herd?

Now as a disclaimer, I’m no atheist myself. I’m a polytheist. I should make that plain at the outset. But I don’t lose any sleep over people believing or not believing in my gods. I take Thomas Jefferson’s attitude toward the whole belief thing: “it does me no injury for my neighbor to say there are twenty gods, or no God. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg.” Live and let live. I really don’t care what other people believe unless they try to force their belief or non-belief on me. Then we have a problem.

Here’s Stahl’s logic, which we have thanks to Ed Brayton at Dispatches from the Culture War because the cowardly Stahl is in hiding: he opens his blog to invitees only:

Brothers and Sisters , I have been seriously considering forming a ( Christian ) grassroots type of organization to be named “The Christian National Registry of Atheists” or something similar . I mean , think about it . There are already National Registrys for convicted sex offenders , ex-convicts , terrorist cells , hate groups like the KKK , skinheads , radical Islamists , etc..

This type of “National Registry” would merely be for information purposes . To inform the public of KNOWN ( i.e., self-admitted) atheists . For example , let’s say you live in Colorado Springs , Colorado , you could simply scroll down ( from the I-Net site /Blog ) I would have , to the State of Colorado , and then when you see “Colorado Springs” , you will see the names of all the self-admitted atheist(s) who live there ( e.g., if an atheist’s name happened to be “Phil Small” ) . The individual’s physical address , and other known personal information would NOT be disclosed ( though , perhaps a photo could be ).

If this all seems completely incomprehensible and pointless to you, Pastor Stahl has his reasons:

Now , many (especially the atheists ) , may ask “Why do this , what’s the purpose ?” Duhhh , Mr. Atheist , for the same purpose many States put the names and photos of convicted sex offenders and other ex-felons on the I-Net – to INFORM the public ! I mean , in the City of Miramar , Florida , where I live , the population is approx. 109,000 . My family and I would sure like to know how many of those 109,000 are ADMITTED atheists ! Perhaps we may actually know some . In which case we could begin to witness to them and warn them of the dangers of atheism . Or perhaps they are radical atheists , whose hearts are as hard as Pharaoh’s , in that case , if they are business owners , we would encourage all our Christian friends , as well as the various churches and their congregations NOT to patronize them as we would only be “feeding” Satan.
Frankly , I don’t see why anyone would oppose this idea – including the atheists themselves ( unless of course , they’re actually ashamed of their atheist religion , and would prefer to stay in the ‘closet.’ ).

The dangers of atheism? Seriously? Shouldn’t we be more worried about the dangers of theocracy, the threat posed to the U.S. Constitution and First Amendment and the possibility of morality police invading our homes?

So why is it anyway that fundamentalists get so riled up if we don’t all believe in their god and their god alone? Well, they seem to think that their god is going to punish everyone, including (especially) them if we don’t all obey the rules – that Old Testament collective guilt thing with America as the next Sodom and Gomorrah.

Personally, I think a better solution is jettisoning any god who is going to punish us for any reason whatsoever. I wouldn’t waste spit on such a deity. That was one of the reasons I left Christianity behind in the first place. And seeing obscene ideas like this just makes that decision seem ever better in hindsight.

Maybe we should have a list of fundamentalist Christians. Why would any fundamentalist Christian oppose this idea? I mean, why would they unless they’re ashamed of their religion and want to stay in the closet (to use Stahl’s own words)? I mean, don’t we all have the right to know if our neighbor is a right wing lunatic who might open fire one day because he thinks his god told him to? I don’t know about you folks, but I’ve yet to hear of an atheist (or a polytheist for that matter) opening fire on folks because a god told him to.

I’ve known atheists and I’ve known Satanists and they were all much more reasonable and well-adjusted folks than Pastor Rick.

What’s amusing about Stahl’s attitude is he talks about being fearless and above board unless you have something to hide. Then when it all explodes in his face and people get angry with him for being a bigot, he makes his blog private and deletes his Facebook link. Even the cache is gone. I guess only atheists are supposed to have the courage of their convictions, eh, Pastor Mike? Some witness for your god you are! Seems like a lot of cowardice going around lately, what with Bryan Fischer, as I reported here this morning, refusing to stand up for his beliefs in open debate with the public he wants to force to go along with him.

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Sarah Palin Won’t Allow The Iowa Tea Party To See Other Women

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Sarah Palin Pulls Diva Move On Tea Party and O’Donnell

This is the story of the on-again off-again invite to Christine I-am-not-copying-you-Sarah-O’Donnell to warm up for Sarah Palin at a Tea Party of America rally in Iowa this Saturday. Right now, the Tea Party world waits with bated breath to see if Sarah Palin will grace them with her presence after they spent 100,000 dollars to get her to their rally this September 3.

But they should have known better than to invite Christine O’Donnell to warm up for the Queen of the Tea Party.

MSNBC just reported in First Read:

Tea Party of America President Ken Crow told NBC News, “I had to cancel Ms. O’Donnell” after a conversation with Sarah Palin aides — and is now hopeful Palin will attend the Saturday rally in Indianola.

He was told by Palin’s team that he’d have a final answer shortly.

This comes after failed Delaware Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell was in, then out, then back in, and now indefinitely out. And Palin was in, then “on hold.”

The group has spent about $100,000 on the event for Palin and are thus waiting “with baited breath” for an answer. An official press release will come out after Palin people give Crow final word.

NBC News has not received comment from Palin’s team so far.

See, first Sarah Palin was supposed to speak at the Tea Party of America rally in Iowa on Sept 3. Then they invited Christine O’Donnell. Here’s where the Palin Playbook comes in handy. While the Palin people were officially telling the Tea Party folks that they could invite anyone they wanted to the rally, suddenly the Tea Party organizers were flooded with complaints about Christine O’Donnell as the warm up act for Palin. So then they had to disinvite O’Donnell, sort of like how Dancing with the Stars got gamed when Bristol Palin was on.

This is the modus operandi of the Palinistas, who know how to read their Queen’s dictates almost as well as her daughter Bristol does. In late June, Bristol was launched into the media fray to accuse Bachmann of stealing Palin’s look, while Palin coyly told the media that she and Bachmann were “friends”.

The Des Moines Register reported:

Maybe 20 emails criticizing O’Donnell bombed the in-boxes of Crow and Charlie Gruschow, the other co-founder of the Tea Party of America and a West Des Moines resident. The emails came from people in Illinois and Texas and elsewhere who said they’re coming to the rally – and they didn’t want O’Donnell there.

“Charlie and I looked at each other and went, ‘Oh, crap,'” Crow told the Register.


There was some speculation that Palin was pulling a diva act and didn’t want to share the stage with another well-known conservative woman, but Crow said the responsibility for the whiplash-like dust-up lands solely on himself and Gruschow.

Of course they were taking the heat then. That’s what good organizers do for their star speakers.

But then they chose to reinvite poor Christine, after she tweeted, “Was honored to be asked to speak at Iowa event Saturday, changed my flight to make it work… We were told things changed on their end, and I truly wish them the best with this important event.”

And now Palin has announced that she might not show up at all. So Christine is out again. They had to uninvite the reinvite. The Tea Party organizer has now admitted, “I had to cancel Ms. O’Donnell” after a conversation with Sarah Palin aides -”

I’ll bet he did. This is, after all, the same woman who spent her short two and a half years in the Governor’s office getting her administration to take vengeance on people she felt had wronged her and writing fake letters to the editor in support of her. Yes, this is high school Mean Girl 101.

There can only be one star in the room when Sarah Palin is around. And that star is Sarah Palin.

This is a lesson the Tea Party is learning the hard way. Perhaps they are also pondering the meaning of “fiscal conservative” as they dig their nails into their hands watching the 100,000 dollars they spent to get Sarah Palin to show up teeter on the precarious cliff of her ego. Or wondering about all of the work they put into wooing her to show up. Perhaps they should have checked her contract for diva status.

When Sarah Palin talks about being an advocate for “strong conservative women” she means she’s an advocate for herself. Not those other strong conservative women, like Christine O’Donnell. Poor Christine. All Christine ever wanted was to grift some living expenses and get a TV show to go along with her book. And the GOP wonders why most American women don’t buy the “conservative feminist” narrative. Go figure.

If you’re questioning why Sarah Palin hasn’t decided yet if she will show up now that poor Christine O’Donnell has been duly humiliated twice, had to reschedule her flights to accommodate Palin’s ego and is now sitting in the corner crying over “Troublemaker: I Coulda Been A Rogue”, wonder no more.

Sarah Palin does not forgive; she nurses grudges and coddles her ever-present persecution complex like the tender baby it is. Sarah Palin even made a fake Facebook account to “like” herself — that’s the sort of fragile ego the Tea Party messed with when they invited her doppleganger to open for her. They should have known they weren’t allowed to play with other women. Doesn’t this just sorta make you want to vote for Palin for President? Isn’t thin-skinned spitefulness a quality we all want in a leader? Gosh, think of the international debacles and red button mishaps!

Sarah Pain will make the Tea Party organizers pay for this. They will twist in the wind, sucking up the stale air of a Palin burp in desperate hopes that she will like them again. She asked for three changes to be made, but we’re not allowed to know the third one. Hmmm….Whatever could it be? The Tea Party has complied and now they’re just waiting to see if she shows.The Tea Party organizer, referring to O’Donnell, said, “We’re all friends and she’s not coming.” There’s that word “friend” again. I’m not sure it means the same thing in Palin land as it does elsewhere.

Will she or won’t she? Aw, heck, Tea Party – what’s another 100,000 dollars? You got off easy. Just ask the RNC, Karen Handel or Alaska. As for Sarah Palin punishing Christine O’Donnell for copying her, Sarah Palin needs to realize that she is nothing new. Bouffant-haired conservative women getting rich by selling Big Daddy’s patriarchy to the masses via Jesus is an old racket. Almost as old as prostitution.

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The GOP Wants To Raise Your Taxes By 25%

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GOP Battle Cry: Tax the Poor!

If you had any doubt about who the Republicans stand with and who they do not stand with, this quote from a Republican lawmaker says it all,

“It’s always a net positive to let taxpayers keep more of what they earn,” says Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-TX), “but not all tax relief is created equal for the purposes of helping to get the economy moving again.”

Representative Jeb Hensarling (R-TX) wants the tax cut President Obama championed to expire. This is the payroll tax cut that reduces the taxes employees pay into Medicare and Social Security. It is also a targeted tax cut that ONLY effects those earning $106,800 dollars and less.

President Obama wants to extend this tax cut to spur the economy and increase consumer demand which is what many CEO’s say is stopping them from hiring more employees.

This tax cut is saving a married couple each making $40,000, which is the average approximate wage in America, $1,600 dollars.

Why would the Republicans NOT want to extend this tax cut? Let’s allow Republican leader, Eric Cantor’s spokesman Brad Dayspring explain,

“All tax relief is not created equal. If the goal is job creation, Leader Cantor has long believed that there are better ways to grow the economy and create jobs than temporary payroll tax relief.”

The Republicans think that reducing taxes SPECIFICALLY for working families is a waste. They would obviously only want the wealthiest Americans and corporations to get a tax cut.

The CBO did an analysis and found that cutting payroll taxes on the employer side could spur hiring faster than the tax cut on the employee side. President Obama is championing both tax cuts right now.

This isn’t even part of the debate right now though. The GOP wants to cut income taxes NOT employer payroll taxes. There is ABSOLUTELY no difference in cutting the FICA payroll tax by 25% and cutting income taxes by 25%.

Why would the GOP want to raise YOUR TAXES by 25%? Well, there may be two reasons: The first reason the GOP might want to raise your taxes is the Social Security fund has become the way tax cuts for the wealthy have been paid for, since the days of President Reagan. (Read Greenspan Fraud for more into that issue). They bridged the gap of federal revenue created by tax cuts for the wealthy by dipping their hands into the social security fund.

The second reason could be that they just DO NOT want to help the poor and middle class worker.

Remember the debate over the Bush Tax cuts, and how President Obama wanted to keep the tax cuts for those making $250,000 and less and the Republicans held THAT hostage until ALL Bush tax cuts were extended, even for millionaires? It isn’t about fairness, it’s about helping ONLY the wealthy and this current tax debate proves the point.

The facts are that these tax cuts specifically help poor and middle income people, the GOP is against these tax cuts and the Republicans are going to INCREASE your taxes by 25% from the current rate of 4.25% to 6.25%.

If there is ANY doubt on whom the Republicans stand with, this should clarify it for you.

Image: The Spokesman

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Republicans Seek To Dumb Down The 2012 Electorate One Voter At A Time

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When attempting to analyze intelligence, there are many standardized tests to get an approximation of an individual’s ability for abstract thought, understanding, communication, reasoning, learning, planning, emotional intelligence and problem solving. However, there are very few reliable standardized tests available to measure common sense. There are numerous studies that measure the correlation between common sense and an individual’s intelligence quotient, but common sense is dependent on factors that are too varied to form an opinion of a population’s ability to make sound judgments of practical benefit to themselves and society in general. It is becoming evident that a segment of America’s population is lacking in intelligence and common sense, and the result has been devastating for all Americans. The ascendance and support two of the GOP presidential contenders have garnered is further proof that much of the population is wallowing in rank stupidity that should embarrass most Americans and part of the blame lies with the media.

It is always a mystery why anyone would support and vote for ignorant buffoons like Michele Bachmann or Rick Perry, but religious fanatics have always appealed to morons. However, when morons support candidates who appeal to a deity for intervention as a solution to problems that sound economic policy and scientific research have resolved, one cannot help but mourn the loss of common sense and reason. For the past ten years, the segment of the population who has voted for policies that are against their own self-interest has grown to the point that America is close to economic collapse and theocracy. There is no excusing the insane policies of Bachmann and Perry, but the fact that they are enjoying any popularity is mind-boggling; and frightening.

The other day, Michele Bachmann made the coldhearted remark that the Virginia earthquake and hurricane Irene were warnings from god that America must follow Republicans’ economic agenda. She said, “I don’t know how much God has to do to get the attention of the politicians. We’ve had an earthquake; we’ve had a hurricane. He said, ‘Are you going to start listening to me here?’ Listen to the American people because the American people are roaring right now. They know government is on a morbid obesity diet and we’ve got to rein in the spending.” Any reasonable American comprehends that god does not send Bachmann private messages about the economy, and it begs the question; why isn’t Bachmann laughed off the national stage immediately? Part of the reason is the media did not report her remarks on every news program and newspaper in the nation, but the prescient point is her message resonates with a large segment of the population. Bachmann has also floated the idea that eliminating the minimum wage is a solution to America’s economic woes and that she still enjoys any support whatsoever is stunning in itself.  There is a large segment of the population that supports Bachmann’s bid to be leader of the free world, and they are stupid beyond belief to support a candidate who will preside over their descent into abject poverty.

Rick Perry is the current GOP front-runner for president and he is as much a fundamentalist nut-job as Bachmann. A while ago, Perry called for three days of prayer to end the drought that is devastating Texas as well as to solve America’s economic problems. Despite his appeal to lunacy, Perry enjoys widespread support among Republicans as well as the fundamentalist nutcases who joined him in praying for rain and an economic fix. Perry has also continued his argument that Social Security is a Ponzi scheme and patently unconstitutional. He has also made sure that creation is being taught to school children as science, and denies that global climate change is occurring despite the overwhelming scientific evidence to the contrary. Perry, like Bachmann, should be laughed out of office for his extreme beliefs and reliance on god to solve America’s problems, but he is not because a large segment of the population is absolutely stupid.

Besides their beliefs about an ancient Jewish deity speaking to them, both Bachmann and Perry are promoting policies that will condemn Americans to a life of poverty so corporations can continue raping the economic life out of working-class America. It is safe to say that their supporters will be affected most by their belief that Social Security is bad and the minimum wage is wrong. Obviously, the racist element plays a factor in their popularity, but even racists cannot subsist on less-than-minimum wages or no Social Security. Any American who supports or votes for Perry or Bachmann is voting against their own self-interest. It isn’t just this year that conservatives have voted against their own self-interests and it informs that there is a growing epidemic of voter stupidity.

There are numerous examples of poor, elderly voters advocating for more tax breaks for the rich and corporations even though they are barely subsisting on less than $800 a month from Social Security. Earlier this month, teabag leaders said their supporters would take economic hits, privatized Medicare, and lower wages that Republicans were promoting to bring the deficit under control. There is a point that survival should overcome stupidity, but this nation has become so tragically stupid that it is beginning to affect the entire population. One could excuse low intelligence, but it is difficult to excuse lack of common sense that is dooming every person in America. Of course, a major share of the blame is on main-stream-media that will not report to the masses the insane agenda Republicans are promoting so the wealthy can continue prospering.

There is no answer to the epidemic of stupidity among Republicans who support Bachmann and Perry. Their support among fanatic Christian extremists is one thing, but when main-stream Republicans are lining up to praise, contribute, and support the incredibly stupid candidates, there is a problem that will eventually doom America. Good economic policy can help the economy and create jobs, and sound science can lead to alleviating global climate change, but appealing to god, eliminating the minimum wage, and privatizing Social Security will never help the American people. America survived Adolf Hitler and Osama Bin Laden, but it cannot survive rank stupidity from its own citizens. It is unfortunate, but Republicans count on Americans’ stupidity to win elections, and unless there is an interdiction of common sense and intelligence, this country is doomed. It is too bad the Founding Fathers did not prohibit stupid people from inhabiting this country because if they did, we would not be in the dire shape we find ourselves.

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The Politicus Pulse – August 31, 2011

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Welcome to the Politicus Pulse. Here are the links you need to see to get your day started off right. Consider this a cup of coffee for your mind.

The Prisoners of Guantánamo (Esquire)

After a decade, it’s hard to tell who the captives are — us or them. Here, we follow Prisoner 707 to find out how the unlucky men got to the island prison, and whether it’ll ever be possible for us all to leave.

Stories My Father Told Me (Esquire)

When America went to “the dark side” to fight terrorism, she became unrecognizable to the world. That’s when my father took on the case of Guantánamo prisoner number 707 and became unrecognizable to me.

Bay of Pigs Report Shows Extent of CIA’s Power in 1960’s (The Miami Herald)

A once-secret CIA history of the Bay of Pigs invasion lays out in unvarnished detail how the American spy agency came to the rescue of and cut deals with authoritarian governments in Central America, largely to hide the U.S. role in organizing and controlling the hapless Cuban exile invasion force.

It’s a Wawa World (Philadelphia Magazine)

Forget Comcast and Sunoco — the most powerful economic force in Philadelphia these days is the one making your Shorti. How our homegrown convenience store went from cult favorite … to superpower.

American Decline: Causes and Consequences (Al-Akhbar)

Today, NATO has become a global intervention force under US command, with the official task of controlling the international energy system, sea lanes, pipelines, and whatever else the hegemonic power determines.

Ed. note: The second story is approximately two years old, but it goes with the first. And I have to thank Andy Worthington for bringing both to my attention. His story is here.

Today’s Tune:

Young Men Dead – The Black Angels

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Bryan Fischer Wants Same-Sex Activities Outlawed in All 50 States

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On his radio show Focal Point Monday, director of issues analysis Bryan Fischer took a huge step back through time. The guy who said he’s not trying to impose his values “called on all fifty states to criminalize homosexuality.” He has previously called for the criminalization of blasphemy and for the legislation of the Ten Commandments. He has already called for (February 2010) homosexuals to be treated like intravenous drug users and forced into therapy and called them “sexually deviant felons.” Apparently he’s done some thinking since then, if it can be called that, since his thought processes seem to move in retrograde.

Watch the video from Right Wing Watch:

Fischer: Both of the cases that went to the United States Supreme Court that dealt with the issue of whether states should criminalize sodomy, and of course they still ought to be able to do it, every state in the union criminalized sodomy until 1962 and then forty nine states until 1972, then they began to fall like dominoes. But by the time of the founding until the late 20th Century, homosexual activity was a felony offense in the United States of America, there is no reason why it cannot be a criminal offense once again, absolutely none.

You might remember that back in 2003, the Supreme Court (Lawrence v. Texas) in a 6-3 decision, declared a Texas anti-sodomy law unconstitutional, which had the effect of overturning anti-sodomy laws in then in place in fourteen states.  According to Duke Law,

Justice Anthony Kennedy, writing for the majority, held that the right to privacy protects a right for adults to engage in private, consensual homosexual activity. Justice Kennedy’s opinion expressly overruled the Court’s decision in Bowers v. Hardwick (1986), which had come to an opposite conclusion. Justice Sandra Day O’Connor concurred in the judgment and said that she would not overrule Bowers, but would declare the Texas law unconstitutional on equal protection grounds because it prohibits sexual acts between same sex couples that are allowed between opposite sex couples… Justice Kennedy’s majority opinion forcefully declared that there is a fundamental right for consenting adults to engage in private sexual activity. Justice Kennedy said that this right is protected under the word “liberty” in the due process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.

Fischer is on record as saying that ruling was tantamount to “tyranny.” Pretty odd that actually allowing people to do things could be considered tyranny. It’s not like anyone is forcing heterosexuals to engage in same-sex acts.And never in history has the granting of freedoms and the loosening of restrictions been associated with tyranny. It is difficult to follow the perverse mental acrobatics necessary to equate freedom with tyranny, but the fundamentalist mind has, after all, turned reality on its head.

And for Fischer, since for most of our history “homosexual activity was a felony offense,” he doesn’t see any reason “why it cannot be a criminal offense once again.”

Of course, we also used to own slaves. By Fischer’s logic, we ought to re-institute the institution and head to the slave market. Maybe we should bring back indentured servitude as well. We used to burn witches too. We used to lynch black folks if they – well, just for the hell of it.  Does Fischer want to revisit those days as well? Maybe we should go back to some early colonial laws and legislate against certain other monotheistic groups and their practices while we’re at it – anyone for outlawing Judaism and Catholicism along with Islam? Pick up a history book, Mr. Fischer, and have somebody available to read it to you since you are likely illiterate.

These are the words of a truly reprehensible human being, a human being, all too sadly, who is a primary supporter of Rick Perry and other conservative Christian candidates who would turn America into a theocracy, a nation as intellectually and spiritually moribund as Taliban-ruled Afghanistan.

And no, you can’t actually ask Bryan Fischer about his hate-filled diatribes and his bigotry because he says that’s “gotcha journalism”.

Watch the video from Right Wing Watch:

Of course, according to Fischer, criticism of the Bachmanns is a hate crime. Yes, you got it: Bryan Fischer is a small-minded, racist, and on top of it all, ignorant or uninformed (take your pick) coward, so insecure in his own beliefs that he won’t stand up and debate them with the people he’s intent on forcing them upon.

Psssst…if you listen, you can hear Rick Perry’s porn stock falling.


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Em-Tea: Christine O’Donnell’s Book Sells Only 2,200 Copies

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The sales numbers are in for Christine O’Donnell’s book, and they aren’t good. O’Donnell managed to sell only 700 copies beyond the 1,500 bought by her “supporters” read PACs and organizations in Delaware.

Here is Keith Olbermann discussing her sales numbers:

Olbermann said, “It sold 2,200 copies nationwide. Fifteen hundred of them to “supporters” in her home state of Delaware which means there were only 700 copies we can say with assurance were bought by actual readers. More over sales at Amazon and Barnes and Noble online were less than 100 copies each. The audio version sold 12 copies, 12.”

Olbermann also pointed out that Christine O’Donnell only drew 5 people to a recent book signing in Florida. No wonder it was so easy for mean girl Sarah Palin to get her booted off her Iowa tea party stage this weekend. Hey, Christine, there can only be one book selling fraud grifting the dollars out of the senior citizen tea bag set. To be fair, Palin was there first. They are her marks, and let’s be honest, O’Donnell makes Palin look like a mastermind.

Seven hundred books think about that for a second. How bad does a book have to be to only sell 700 copies? O’Donnell had plenty of national television exposure and comprehensive distribution, yet nobody bought her book. One almost has to be trying NOT to sell books in order to hit a number that low.

O’Donnell’s biggest problem is that she didn’t play the game right. Everyone from Sarah Palin to Mitt Romney knows that the way to get your book on the bestseller list is to have right wing interest groups, or your own PAC in Palin’s case, buy thousands upon thousands of copies of your book. Poor, little Christine O’Donnell actually thought that real people buy these conservative celebrity books. They don’t. Unless you are already locked into conservative mass media like Glenn Beck was, and Sean Hannity, and Bill O’Reilly are, the only way to make the bestseller list is to cheat.

Can we now say that the tea party is over?

Christine O’Donnell hoped to turn her tea party 15 minutes into a lucrative media career, but Fox News doesn’t want her, and it looks like she is going to be selling roughly 1,500 copies of her book out of the trunk of her car in the mall parking lot really soon.

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Never Wrong Forecasting Model Predicts an Obama Victory In 2012

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Allan Lichtman’s model for predicting presidential elections, The Keys To The White House, has correctly predicted the results of seven straight presidential elections, and the keys say that Obama will be reelected in 2012.

Lichtman’s model is based on 13 keys which evaluate the performance of the man who holds the presidency. If six or more of the keys go against the president’s party, the incumbent loses.

Here are the 13 keys and how they stack up for Obama via U.S. News’ Washington Whispers:

1). Party mandate: After the midterm elections, the incumbent party holds more seats in the U.S. House of Representatives than it did after the previous midterm elections. Says Lichtman, “Even back in January 2010 when I first released my predictions, I was already counting on a significant loss.” Obama loses this key.

2).Contest: There is no serious contest for the incumbent party nomination. Says Lichtman on Obama’s unchallenged status, “I never thought there would be any serious contest against Barack Obama in the Democratic primary.” Obama wins this key.

3). Incumbency: The incumbent party candidate is the sitting president. Easy win here for Obama.

4). Third Party: There is no significant third party challenge. Obama wins this point.

5). Short term economy: The economy is not in recession during the election campaign. Here Lichtman declares an “undecided.”

6). Long-term economy: Real per capita economic growth during the term equals or exceeds mean growth during the previous two terms. Says Lichtman, “I discounted long term economy against Obama. Clearly we are in a recession.” Obama loses this key.

7). Policy change: The incumbent administration effects major changes in national policy. “There have been major policy changes in this administration. We’ve seen the biggest stimulus in history and an complete overhaul of the healthcare system so I gave him policy change,” says the scholar. Another win for Obama.

8). Social unrest: There is no sustained social unrest during the term. Says Lichtman, “There wasn’t any social unrest when I made my predictions for 2012 and there still isn’t.” Obama wins a fifth key here.

9). Scandal: The incumbent administration is untainted by major scandal. “This administration has been squeaky clean. There’s nothing on scandal,” says Lichtman. Another Obama win.

10). Foreign/military failure: The incumbent administration suffers no major failure in foreign or military affairs. Says Lichtman, “We haven’t seen any major failure that resembles something like the Bay of Pigs and don’t foresee anything.” Obama wins again.

11). Foreign/military success: The incumbent administration achieves a major success in foreign or military affairs. “Since Osama bin Laden was found and killed, I think Obama has achieved military success.” Obama wins his eighth key.

12). Incumbent charisma: The incumbent party candidate is charismatic or a national hero. Explains Lichtman, “I did not give President Obama the incumbent charisma key. I counted it against him. He’s really led from behind. He didn’t really take the lead in the healthcare debate, he didn’t use his speaking ability to move the American people during the recession. He’s lost his ability to connect since the 2008 election.” Obama loses this key.

13). Challenger charisma: The challenging party candidate is not charismatic or a national hero. Says Lichtman, “We haven’t seen any candidate in the GOP who meets this criteria and probably won’t.” Obama wins, bringing his total to nine keys, three more than needed to win reelection.

These keys measure the things that have historically caused an incumbent president to lose his reelection bid. As you can see, Obama stacks up pretty well. The current president wins 9 keys and loses 4. One of the major assets to Obama’s reelection effort which isn’t measured by the keys is the lack of popularity of the opposition party. Republicans are much less popular than Obama.

There are several components needed to defeat an incumbent president, a charismatic candidate, a good message, a yearning for change in the electorate, but none is more important than basic popularity. The Republican controlled House is historically unpopular. None of the Republican presidential candidates have high approval ratings with all voters. As John Kerry demonstrated in 2004, a successful nominee can’t win with a campaign message of I’m not him. It takes more.

In order to defeat an incumbent, a challenger must prove that they would not only be a better president, but that they have a plan that voters can get behind. The planning part is where the wheels completely fall off for the 2012 GOP candidates. As a group they have been pushed so far to the right on issues like Social Security, Medicare, unemployment benefits, job creation, and raising taxes on the wealthy that they are virtually unelectable.

Presidential elections are now 30 second ad personality contests. Obama may have struggled to connect as president, but he is still the best campaigner of his generation. (Bill Clinton was the very best that I have ever witnessed on the stump. Reagan was the most disciplined). Frankly, voters still personally like Obama, and I would not bet against him wooing them on the campaign trail again.

Republicans love themselves a tough talking cowboy, which is why Rick Perry is threatening to run away with the GOP nomination, but after 8 years of George W. Bush, there is little chance that the American people are going to put his Lt. Governor in the White House. Perry is the tea party’s feel good candidate, but would be the Joe Miller/Christine O’Donnell/Sharon Angle tea party train wreck of a nominee.

Lichtman’s model has gone 7 for 7, and with the way the Republican Party is imploding, 8 for 8 wouldn’t surprise anyone.

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Glenn Beck Claims Calling African Americans Colored Is Not A Bad Thing

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On his radio show today, Glenn Beck claimed that calling African Americans colored is not a bad thing, because places like South Africa use the term colored.

Here is the audio from Media Matters:

Beck said, “You have to not care about political correctness anymore. Pat, correct me if I am wrong. Didn’t you feel ridiculously stupid everywhere in Africa, in Europe, in South America, in Jerusalem when you would say the words African American? Pat replied, “Oh yeah, because it doesn’t apply there.” Beck continued, “It doesn’t apply. Now how can people be one thing in one country and nowhere else in the world?”

After discussing what they should call people of color, Beck continued, “It’s black. In South Africa, it’s black and colored, and I don’t remember the difference, but there is a difference….I don’t remember which one’s which, but like Indian I think even came in. Maybe it was colored that was also like Indian or elsewhere, and blacks. Pat chimed in with, “But we have been taught here that colored is really a bad thing to say, cause what color are they? Well ok, you got us to stop saying that but in other parts of the world they still do. Beck said, “And it’s not a bad thing, only here. Why are we made to feel bad? Notice this? African American was not made to do anything except try to create a superman. Don’t you dare feel bad about yourself, you’re African American.”

Beck continued, “No, you’re an American. Instead of building the country up. Look what happened with Martin Luther King that makes you an American. Judge not by the color of your skin, and you weren’t over in Africa. You great grandfather was. Your great great grandfather may have been, but you weren’t, and sure this country sucked for blacks, sucked beyond sucked for a long time, but it doesn’t now. It doesn’t now. Be proud to be an American.” Beck and crew were insulted by the term African American, and said that “they” were using terms like African American and handi-capable to make them (white people) afraid, and called on his audience to dismiss these “human rights frauds.”

Yeah, look what happened to Martin Luther King. He dared to stand up and speak out for justice and rights and he was assassinated. No Glenn, the term colored is not okay. It has nothing to do with political correctness. The term colored is a direct throwback to segregation and the Jim Crow era. That is the reason why the term colored is not viewed as the proper way to address an African American.

Using Beck’s logic, Italian-Americans, Jewish-Americans, and Polish-Americans can’t pay tribute to their heritage either. What is wrong with those Italian Americans? We’re all just Americans. Stop trying to divide us.

African Americans should take comfort in knowing that according to rich white guy Glenn Beck, America no longer sucks for them. I guess since African-Americans aren’t slaves anymore, and they eat in the same restaurants as white people everything is honkey dory. Forget the fact that African American unemployment is at 15.9%. Pay no mind to the fact that the median household wealth for white families is 20 times higher than African American families. Who cares that African Americans are twice as likely to be foreclosed on. Ignore the fact that for many African American communities graduation rates are still too low, and incarceration rates are too high.

Black America, you are living in paradise.

All that Glenn Beck asks in return for this bountiful life is that you answer when he calls you colored. Oh and he probably wouldn’t mind if you sat in the back of the bus, and what’s the occasional nigger joke going to hurt?

After all, we’re all Americans. Right, Glenn?

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The Politicus Pulse – August 30, 2011

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Welcome to the Politicus Pulse. Here are the links you need to see to get your day started off right. Consider this a cup of coffee for your mind.

The Election March of the Trolls (Truthdig)

There is no economic, political or environmental reform that can be implemented to impede the march of the corporate state.

How the Surveillance State Protects the Interests Of the Ultra-Rich (AlterNet)

As a global protest movement rises and spreads within the US, expect surveillance tactics honed in the “war on terror” to be used in the defense of wealth.

Is Homeland Security Spending Paying Off? (LA Times)

A Decade After The Sept. 11 Attacks, Federal And State Governments Are Doling Out About $75 Billion A Year On Domestic Security. Whether The Spending Spree Has Been Worth It Is The Subject Of Increasing Debate.

Day’s End (New York Magazine)

The 9/11 decade is now over. The terrorists lost. But who won?

The New Rules of College Sex (Philadelphia Magazine)

How the federal government and a Malvern, Pennsylvania, lawyer are rewriting the rules on campus hookups — and tagging young men as dangerous predators.

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Cinnamon Girl – Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs

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